“Dating” with New York, the story of 6-months US tour

We know that to be able to snap up flights and hotel rooms at competitive prices the safest solution is to book well in advance.

So I did in November and booked as much weighted flight to New York. With some pride too: a direct flight from Venice to New York’s JFK paid less than 500 €.

Do not tell you the excitement, the butterflies in the stomach every time I thought about it, the smile from ear to ear that I distorted his face. And at the same time knowing that that exciting journey was still far away. Far months and months that seemed not to want to spend more.

I consoled myself – or so I thought – reading reports of those who had stayed there, taking in his hands my Lonely Planet (purchased before she knows to leave, because New York was already a bit ‘in our programs), navigating photos of New York on Pinterest, Flickr or Google Images.

With this feeling that “eating” all content online I was a little ‘I filled that hole, the long period of time that separated me from my trip.

I was wrong.

So far I disagreed with those who said that the expectation of the journey is the most important part of the trip. I changed my mind.

Things to dreamers perhaps do much for me, these ruminations on the dream and how beautiful it is prefigure what will be, what you can expect over there … Yeah, nice for charity, but waiting six months seems a bit ‘too for me!

I want to travel, I want to breathe the air of the new places, hear it on my skin, look up and see a different sky, that will still be the same, but it’s different for me, to see new people, different, strange, eat foods absurd, spicy, sweet, spicy, arriving in the evening with legs that do not hold me because I walked too much during the day and the shoulder hurts because to bring in the bag from morning to evening is deleterious (I might opt ​​for a backpack I know, but I know too much as a tourist assault …).

This to me is the real journey.

I tend not to wait, I want everything at once, I’m impatient. And this is also reflected when I talk about travel.

So shame on me and to the travel booked well in advance! Maybe I’m more a girl from last minute? Or maybe from short range, so I can take the car, train or other means when I want and leave without plan and wait too the arrival of the departure day!

Cabbages New York, because you’re not closer? Type A4, so step Mestre, Padua, Vicenza, Verona and then arrival in New York, so that by the mountains of Trentino you can see on a clear day your skyscrapers. Want to? You had many people happy!

However in the end it is missing a month his departure for New York – hallelujah! – And although at first I had gotten a good pace to read everything and more, inform, make routes in the end I accomplished anything, and I am now just a few days from my trip (yes because if not days before the passed’m sure now fly!) with everything to do.

Yes, they are disorganized.

But I do not mind that much. The frenzy of doing everything at the last minute gives me a charge crazy!

So New York prepared for soon will come the day of reckoning: 9 days when you will be explored in each innermost corner where my feet will be able to take me, I taste of everything even if it means returning home with 5 kg more (today pervaded by optimism), I will address the challenges that I call his front (kind understand drawl and chewingummosa Americans) and I will go out winning, and especially happy.

But you’ll have to be up to my expectations, and if you do not seem to be a difficult challenge this …

See you soon in New York!

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