I miss the taste of T’akgalbi…

The sky is getting dark, the lower the temperature, the more rain falls. We didn’t go to other places because we were late. Take the train to return to the center for dinner.

Just down to Chuncheon station, the heavier rain, combined with the winter cold was terrible. The tourist map listed near Chuncheon Station has a gathering area of t’akgalbi shops (read as the most popular ones), a popular dish in Chuncheon. So despite the rain, we tried to find the map to fill the stomach. But suffering is one thing, I am very bad at reading maps, and light-degree blindness. In the past, when traveling to Southeast Asia, I absolutely did not use my smartphone, just use paper maps, I went to search for temples in Bagan, I got lost and lost … Later I was blinded, learned how to use GPS but (don’t understand why) ) while looking at GPS while walking, it is still lost, deflected.

Going around and finding no t’akgalbi restaurant, we had to go home to the host, then look back at the tourist map, then we saw a river crossing (the river where the window in my room saw) also had a zone. t’akgalbi is different, so we follow. The rain was falling now, like the summer rain in Saigon. I even thought of a restaurant that went out to eat, to stay in the rain, without eating t’akgalbi anymore. But go and see. Road is empty, there is no shop at all. Walking around forever, it was cold, showering, water seeping into boots and socks, and thick coats were also lightly drenched by rain water, luckily not getting wet inside. After a while there was a restaurant t’akgalbi appearing before her eyes, so happy, went in.

In the cold winter weather, the rain soaked into the shoes, wet with the socks … and walked into the restaurant where there were warm nanbang (heater), sat down on the wooden floor to press on the heater, and waited for the kitchen to bring chicken to stir up the smoke. fragrant. The moment the bite of the hot soft chicken, the cold and the hunger immediately disappeared …

T’akgalbi must eat with Maguksu. This dish is like cold noodles (naengmyeon) because of the noodles and vinegar, sesame oil similarly, only there is no shaved ice. Koreans are very enlightened, and seem to be unhealthy. Just eat grilled, stir-fried, hot is eating a cold chilled instant noodles, drinking soju will drink black coffee. They call it a “hot” balance. Something is wrong.

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