Experience alone in Singapore – Batam – Johor Bahru

Because Singapore has left the “scent” at the entry stage, especially for Vietnamese tourists, while I was alone, literally “the girl of the school”, I had to be well prepared. safe. From the stage of detailed damage schedule, air tickets must be bought round-trip, motels must be booked in advance, the damage must not be set for completion, then cancel, where to rent accommodation to, …, until you print all the paperwork you need, make a stack of luggage, or prepare questions and answers that the customs may ask, then dress, behave like that. hey …

Talking about many Vietnamese tourists who were kept in their own interrogation rooms, or after being interviewed, they did not allow entry, but were forced to buy tickets to return to Vietnam immediately, there were many reasons, but not Which causes are the same, and cannot be explained clearly and specifically by the Singapore Customs. But if I read the information of those who came before, I can summarize and anticipate the following causes:

  1. With women, they dress like sex workers
  2. Accommodation in Singapore in a “red light district”, or rented under a lease, not yet registered with the government; or you do not know the address you will be staying (for cases of staying with acquaintances, friends, or via Couchsurfing).
  3. The duration of your stay in Singapore is too long. Singapore is only approximately 700 km wide, only 1/3 of Saigon itself, so ordinary tourists are only about 3-6 days out of the land. Although Singapore visas for Vietnamese are exempt from temporary stay not exceeding 30 days, but for such a small country, only a few places to visit, visit, entertain, what do you do in more than 1 week? There will be doubts that you over there labor immediately!
  4. At the immigration counter, when customs talk, you are not fluent in English, or the information about your trip is vague, inconsistent, will also create suspicion.

Documents that you print and bring with you include:

  • Round-trip air tickets, hotel reservations (prepayment), emails on leave with the company, trip schedules (details are detailed, where to do each day), ferry tickets (Singapore – Batam also reservation and online payment).
  • I also carefully printed a few more passports, identity card identity card itself (in case luggage is lost, stolen … then there is something protective).

I also brought the original identity card, debit visa card, 400 USD cash. Although I read a lot of information online, I found that I needed 500 USD or 700 SGD (Singapore dollars) in cash, but I thought that if the customs had any money, I would explain that I only went for a short time, in addition to the USD I also prepared some money SGD, IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), MYR (Malaysian Ringgit).

In addition, according to the experience of his Indonesian friend (whom I will visit on this trip), he said that he entered Singapore approximately a dozen times, but once was kept in a private interrogation room because he had left Beards, immigration officers “would rather kill by mistake than miss” think he is a terrorist. At that time, he showed them photos of his travels on his phone, proving that he was a real tourist. So, he advises me to prepare many travel photos in the phone, in case I meet a situation like him.

Overall, the process of preparing for a trip in which only 3 nights and 2 days in Singapore took me a lot of time and effort. Every day at work, take advantage of free time, or at night, I go online to search for information, read the experience of previous people from bloggers, travel forums, and open Youtube to see how Changi airport looks like. what is the experience of entry to Singapore, the experience of taking the subway (because I’ve never been to it, even though I’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia – countries that have the MRT, before) … Heard that Singapore is now It was so great, so clean, so tough, making a rice peasant out of a rice crop like me was extremely worried.

I thought, just prepare everything carefully, and the entry into Singapore, okay or not, just leave it to heaven.
Regarding the trip schedule, even though there are a few short days, I still add the place Batam which is an island and also the city of Riau province of Indonesia. In the past, when I was wandering in the tourist reading, I knew that from Singapore, I could visit Indonesia easily by ferry. But at that time I did not pay much attention. Later, when acquainted with O., the Indonesian friend mentioned above, he happened to be living and working in this city by chance. Well, then I took advantage of the opportunity to visit him, available facilities can also be considered as a visit to another country.

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