Get a gray day of spring in Levanto. One of those who still are full of energy and you’re filled with a burning desire to see the sea: despite threatening clouds take the bike and you venture down to the beach with the best intentions to take the new path that connects Levanto Framura, so the weather holds, you say.

Make a little detour to the beach because you want to see the sea from near, far from the beach which is nice considering how great everything in Liguria is narrow and small, squeezed between the sea and the mountains.

And ‘here that it catches you the rain, the strong one, and we sheltered under the canopy of a closed kiosk located along the beach, a pretty good diversion that allows you to stand there watching the raindrops falling copious and the sea moved breaking on the sand.

The silence makes noise: the thoughts that overlap and raindrops beating on plastic roof. The sea looks silver, rough but not yet menacing clouds are dark but bright contours, to give hope that sooner or later the rain subside.

As the sky subsides gone up on the bike and go down the bike path that runs on the tracks of the old railway which has now been restored to become a comfortable bike path connecting several villages along the Ligurian coast of Levante (Levanto, Bonassola and Framura), but too pedestrian for those who want to go for a walk or jog the shade and cool the tunnels.

Yes, because the bike path winds through numerous tunnels that suddenly end up offering breathtaking views over the blue sea, and then they begin again, and again stop to give breath to the eye tired of the dark looking for the sea. It ‘s all so, a series of galleries and views of the seascape.

And I think that this path was created to be used for bicycles and pedestrians. It ‘too good to follow it quickly by a train on its way does not give you time to enjoy the landscape because once you end up in a new gallery.

In Bonassola you to the street and wishing you could stop for a visit to the country or for a descent to its dark sand beach.

I continue over kidnapped bustle of pedaling, shading my by sporadic rain droplets inside tunnels.

The bike path ends in Framura, meeting with the railroad and the real one still active: down some steps, or take the lift down to a small harbor with boats and fishing boats and where a fisherman with wetsuit and spear is returning from its fishing with three fish: fish lean according to him, but, as I say in confidence, so at least can prove to his wife that he was really fishing, and not somewhere else.

It is not very clear, but at the level of the port if you follow the directions that indicate the center you can reach Framura, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Maybe you should leave the bike on the bike path (remember to close it with a padlock) and walk towards the village, perhaps taking the bus if you do not feel the climb up to Framura.

They arrived at the last stop, ride the bike and resume my pedaling to Levanto where I expect Mrs. Carla – Hotel Carla fact – for a lesson on the Ligurian cuisine of rice cake, pesto crushed in a mortar and other items to prepare and eat. But that’s another story.

Happy cycling!

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