[ AUSTRIA TRIP ] – Cycling trails in Salzburg

Whenever I find myself how in Austria there is a culture of “green” so well established as reflected in the habits of the people and as the cities themselves are designed. For example, the dense network of cycle paths during our trip to Salzburg has allowed us to move safely and comfortably from one side of the city.

Cycling trails in Salzburg

In Salzburg, the bike paths are lots and through the length and breadth of the city: even the more remote areas are connected to the city center and make it easily accessible to both wheels.

The Salzach river running through the city is bordered by a cycle track in both directions in turn bordered by a pedestrian path, and you should see how these two paths are crowded especially on weekends by people who enjoy a bit ‘of fresh air.

There are also the routes from the city center go on to the surrounding countryside and the small surrounding villages, some connect the city with the nearby lake district of the Salzkammergut or the rest of the region, the Salzburgerland.

Biking on Moenchsberg

From our campsite, Panorama Stadtblick located north of Salzburg, usually we took the bus to get downtown because with us there was also the little Lola which has now become big and – alas – in the bike basket does not fit anymore.

One afternoon we decided to let it rest in a camper and bring us with bicycles in the center of Salzburg.

A short alley of stones downhill connects the campground with the bike path that surrounds ring Salzburg: a pleasant path of several kilometers under the trees lining a river inhabited by ducks. Since this bike path loop branch out a lot of secondary cycling routes that reach villages in the surrounding area, hiking trails in the countryside and other places to discover.

At the height of the office of the fair in Salzburg we diverted left into the cycle path, as I said above, along the river Salzach to its full length. The fairground that day (a Sunday afternoon) was crowded by young people and families who came to the carnival, instead someone was sunbathing on the banks of the river and others were relaxing on the lawns enjoying the warm spring temperatures.

We have not stopped but we continued towards the center until you get quickly to the heart of Salzburg with Hohensalzburg Fortress visited only the day before to observe impressive from above.

We could continue along the bike path probably coming up to the castle of Hellbrunn, famous for the water games, but we had just visited that morning with Lola (I’ll soon be a separate post) then riding the bike we best explored the streets of downtown.

Fermi on a pedestrian bridge to scattarci some pictures with Salzach river flowing placidly but powerful behind us, we note that there is just more of a small church that intrigues us: we decide to reach it and, after an initial steep climb we continue up on top of the Mönchsberg. Protected by the shadow of the trees we arrive at the Museum of Modern Art that the laziest can reach by taking advantage of the lift charge.

From the museum we enjoy the first of a series of views that henceforth open to us the city, the river flowing and the Kapuzinerberg (another hill which is right in front of where we are now).

Inforchiamo again the bike and continue along the paved road to the foot of Hohensalzburg Fortress. Along the way we meet cyclists, people who are jogging and someone who enjoys a Sunday stroll in the middle of nature with the feeling of standing in the woods, but the awareness of being really in the center.

We leave behind one of the old belts of protection of the castle and continue until you cross the funicular that leads to Hohensalzburg.

We do not dare to try the steep climb up to the fortress but we go down again in the city … After the fortress we visited just the day before!

After this good sweat riding the bike a nice beer is all that we would like and the Stiegl beer garden we meet on the way down we try not little, but we fear that the beer to accumulate all the legs, and then who takes us back home ? Then we continue to the Mozart Platz where we enjoy a well-deserved break and not drink with ice cream.

Regain forces we go back in the saddle and treading the path we follow our tracks in the opposite direction to reach in less than half an hour our starting point where a sleepy dog ​​awaits us along with the beer that just before we had put off!

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