[ AUSTRIA TRIP ] Lake of Woerthersee – The pearl of Velde

Opening of my Journey in the Austria is the Lake of WoertherSee, a pearl of Velde

Soon after Tarvisio, heading north across the border, we come into the land of Austria. After the first few villages can be reached Villach, and continuing over, along highway 83 we come to Lake Woerther See, a long and narrow lake of glacial origin, one of many that dot the region of Carinthia.

Along the banks of the lake there are many villages that are home during the warmer seasons tourists going to look a bit ‘of “sea” and tranquility in the mountains.

The first city in the south of the lake is Velden, famous for its Casino ‘and to the pleasant walk along the lake, beautiful in any season.

From the docks on the lake leave constantly sailing boats that take tourists in Woerther See, while along the promenade there are bars and places to eat ice cream or drink a hot chocolate or tea.

The lake view is very impressive: it is flanked left and right by mountains and is so long that it is practically impossible to see the other end where among other Klagenfurt. The colors are beautiful in any season, but the predominant one is the green woods and meadows that are reflected, along with the blue of the sky, in the calm waters of the lake (I relax just thinking about it! I think going to exploit this post in moments of agitation instead of chamomile and valerian ^ _ ^)

During Advent here, as in all the Austrian towns organize Christmas markets: small houses scattered along the road parallel to the lake where they are sold homemade Christmas items, jewelery, warm slippers sheep wool, and then we are the food stands, where you can stop for a glass of Gluehwein (our mulled wine), hot tea, eat unbretzel or a slice of cake or roast chestnuts. (Now I do not want anything but a cup of Gluehwein with the foot those lovely furry slippers !!)

There are also fences in the meadow in front of the lake where the animals are left to graze to the delight of children: I saw goats and horses, there were even camels … I wonder what were they doing here !!

Near the lake there is a beautiful dream hotel, where sooner or later be able to find an opportunity for nighter at least one night!

The Schlosshotel Velden, a castle which was recently expanded, and now next to the original classic Austrian wing of the structure is designed with all new modern architecture. Inside the hotel also it has a modern spa. <

In the center of town, (which actually runs along the main street) is the casino, which attracts many customers from bulging wallet, trendy shops, bars and restaurants … City of transition then, but where is really worth doing a stop !!

Tips for Visiting Velden

– A walk along the lake is a must at any time of year.
– During Advent, in addition to traditional Christmas markets, it installs a crib on the water, just off and visible from the promenade along the lake, which is very nice especially in the evening when it is illuminated.
– There is a very good bakery / pastry shop on the edge of town heading towards Klagenfurt, where to stop to buy a piece of good strudel or other sweet delicacies Carinthian food on the fly or to take home (called Wienerroither !! )
– The shops in Austria are always closed on Sundays, and on Saturday afternoon close quite early (around 17-18).
– To park in the city there are paid parking (are free on Sundays), there is one free street 83 at the north of the country, near the supermarket. From here to the lake are only a 5 minute walk.

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