[ AUSTRIA TRIP ] Nice time in Salzburg

Salzburg is a relatively small city that does not take long for a visit: it takes only 48 hours to appreciate the main attractions while you have to have a lot more time than if the city you want visitarne also the surroundings.

Salzburg: Mozart’s city

When I think of Salzburg, the first thing that comes to mind is Mozart: in fact, the great Austrian composer was born and lived most of his life here. Almost everything in Salzburg refer to him: from homes to visit (the one where he was born and the one where he lived), commonly known as the Mozartkugeln Mozart balls that are the cakes dedicated to him, to souvenirs, to the many concerts that take place in the city and which is related to the operatic tradition.

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Yet Salzburg is not only this, it is also the Salzach, the river running through the city, the hills that dominate (the Mönchsberg and Kapuzinerberg), the Hohensalzburg Fortress and castles … Here I make a second list of attractions me more interesting to do on a vacation 48 hours in Salzburg.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The fortress is a fortified complex of the largest in Europe, in nine centuries has never been conquered (though that was considered “given” to Napoleon). It is reached by a convenient cable car or by foot along a climb quite challenging. Once on top of the city views from the ramparts are spectacular!

Inside the fortress you can take a guided tour with audio guide at the gallery, to the torture chamber and the wall walk is a journey lasting about 30 minutes and is available in several languages.

E ‘can also visit the apartments of the prince bishop jaw-dropping for the richness of the decorations.

For dog owners can come up with their four-legged friends on the funicular only if kept on a leash and muzzled, small dogs can be kept in the arm (I have asked to muzzle Lola, that poor thing, not even the nose!). The fortress dogs are allowed in the outdoor areas but not inside.

The Mirabell Gardens

Mirabell is a castle located in the center of the city with magnificent gardens. Personally I miss a visit to the castle and I preferred to get lost among the flowers and manicured flower beds of its park, especially the rose garden during the spring and summer is the peak of its bloom.


Take some ‘time to walk quietly along the paths in the green and the tunnel of vegetation as if you were knights and ladies screened in another era.


The Petersfreidhof is a cemetery located outside the Cathedral of St. Peter. It is a very nice cemetery, with gothic tombs, statues and railings that protect the family chapels: a small oasis in the city, a place of silence and reflection … The silence is broken only by the tolling of bells rumorosissimi.


Of this hill I have already spoken extensively when I told our tour of Salzburg cycling. On top of it there is the new Museum of Modern Art and there is a nice view of the city: from here on foot or by bike you can go for a walk in the woods up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The birthplace of Mozart

The birthplace of Mozart overlooks the Getreidegasse shopping street in the center. Mozart was born here in 1756.

Today, the house belongs to the Mozarteum foundation that has transformed it into a museum that contains pieces of Mozart’s life and his family: from photographs and portraits to musical instruments, documents and letters.

The house where Mozart lived

Still young Mozart moved with his family to a bigger house, not far from the birth, on Marktplatz. Even this house is open for tours to the public and here you can find pieces of life of the great composer and musician from Salzburg.

The shop of decorated eggs

Less cultural than previous but remains a fixed destination of each trip to Salzburg respecting: the shop is decorated eggs. It is located on the Getreidegasse, the shopping street where every citizen activity shows the entrance its wrought-iron sign.

The store eggs is open all year but during Easter and Christmas is very popular because many, from tourists to local, come here to buy eggs decorated and colored with which to decorate their Christmas trees or Easter. The eggs are not cheap, but they are wonderful, and if you want a souvenir this place is the perfect place to find one original and handmade.

The Salzburg card

To save on the costs of entry to the attractions of Salzburg you can buy a card, the Salzburg card. This card can be for a period of 24, 48 and 72 hours (and have different prices depending on the duration of course) and allows its owner to have free access to many of the main attractions of Salzburg, also it provides free access to public transport .

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