Barcelona – Euro trip review

Barcelona’s the third time to return. Because we had already visited here in 2006 and 2014, but I was left satisfied with what I had seen and done it in one than the other time, and then in early March, I decided to revisit the famous Catalan capital .
I left with the intention of seeing all the things that I always left out (I still wonder how I did it!) The previous times, and then I immediately imposed milestones that absolutely did not want to miss, ie primarily: turn in the Gothic Quarter Visit the Gothic Cathedral, Parc Guell, the Boqueria market and all along the way could suscitarmi interest.
After the long crossing Cagliari-Girona-Barcelona, ​​then more air bus, I hate taking the bus immediately after the plane, do not ask me why, but I destroyed and I tired to die, we reached our accommodation in the Raval district, not exactly the most chic of the city but it does not matter, even better because when you are staying in the less touristy areas both have the chance to enjoy more the local culture, habits and rhythms of your host city.
As mentioned, one of the things I really wanted to visit was the Boqueria market, practically on La Rambla.
Big, bright, full of local people, a riot of colors that at times made you come “anxiety Shooting”, trying to capture everything you can as if at any moment he could not be there, so many perfumes that you they jump from one stall to another and hear the wonderful speech that the Spanish, because the market is nice to visit because you are immersed among the locals.
Obviously the stalls that have most caught my attention are those of fruits and smoothies, thanks to the bright colors of these glowing in comparison to the other merchandise. For all three mornings I spent in Barcelona after breakfast at the bar, the Boqueria was a meeting point to buy my fruit smoothie to drink while I was wandering around all the other stalls. A show.
The Gothic Cathedral, was one of those things that I did not want absolutely riperdermi, and after a walk in the district we got there.
Here it is, not overly large but hard to miss embedded in that context, the classic street artist in the square in front of the main entrance and unfortunately someone steps in begging.
We go through the front door and the first thing that strikes me are the colors that I find inside:
a soft yellow tinting the pillars and the inside walls punctuated by colored rays caused by the lights of the windows.
A large organ on the left above the visitors’ heads.
I try in vain to make an overview of the iPhone but can not quite, too many heads of visitors in the middle, exactly.
Photographer everything possible in the best way possible and rest there on the benches, as I like it, to observe.
Another piece of Barcelona has won.
We eat lunch purchased at Boqueria (and by? You say) to the Parc de la Ciutadella, another thing that I was missing, and then we walk across the park to the large fountain topped by golden horses.
Just beautiful, with its fountains and birds that flutter on the latter, giving the opportunity to take pictures really unique, including some with my selfie stick, yes, the trip to Frankfurt I converted it too, and it is useful !
As I said at the beginning, even the Parc Guell was one of those things that absolutely did not want to miss, and it was the next stop.
I state right away that as the enthusiasm of visiting this place was the star, I was a little ‘disappointed, for several reasons.
Years ago, according to those who live there and those who have visited before me, the entrance to the park was free, now it costs 8 €.
So far there would be little objection, if it were not for me, “thanks” to the advent of the ticket paid the park has lost its vitality.
No artist within, few people and put it all I also bored in turn and 8 € for the ride that I do think are excessive, half would be enough. It starts from the terrace, you go to the colonnade and then down towards the two buildings (visited) that flank the exit, some pictures to Salamander and the end of the festival.
Finally, let me give you two pieces of advice on the premises:
– The fairy forest
– Restaurant La Fonda (make a Paella space)
It is always a pleasure to see Barcelona, ​​even after the third time. It is a big city but resoundingly on a human, you do not feel out of place ever, ever chaotic, orderly, slow, livable. A shame, as I said, we put some paid attractions in part by making them more like a money machine at the expense of authenticity. I and the magic fountain we continue to touch us never embrace, once again I missed because of his days and times that do not fit with my parents, okay, I’ll have to sacrifice the fourth time will tell.
I remembered so Barcelona, ​​attractive and beautiful, like those women who seduce you with my mind even before the appearance.
The next trip? I do not know yet, but we will certainly, as I said before, I like to think that my love for travel is the happy fate of one born with wings imaginary.
Hasta Luego Barcelona.

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