[ BELGIUM TRIP ] Airbnb service – The best choice of mine

Although reading the title, you might think of this is not a promotional post, I warn you now. There is no agreement between me and Airbnb.
This article comes from the need: to thank in some way the people very friendly and helpful and recommend a book with which I found myself very well and that allowed me to feel at home away from home.
A few weeks ago I spent a weekend short but intense in Belgium arrived on Friday evening in Brussels we slept in the city and then move the next day to Bruges, in Flanders, where we spent the night. In both cases, I had booked a private room through the site and I had no special demands except that the locations were convenient for our trips, clean and budget.
All things that in fact I could find in a hotel, but I booked with Airbnb hoping to find in the houses the warmth of a life lived and the contact, however ephemeral, with the people in that city live there . In fact, through the website of the public may make available to their homes (entire apartments, private rooms or shared): a form of income for them, an opportunity of accommodation at the locals for travelers.
Room 1: Brussels
After half a day of work and another half day in cars, airports and train we arrived at the station in Brussels and walking we reached our host Chris district in St. Gilles.
We were pretty tired – exhausted I would say – and annoyed because we could not find the bell just to play what. But when we entered the house we have pervaded a heat wave, a sense of comfort and well-being and we relaxed.
Chris was waiting for us at the door and after the introductions took us to our room. To reach it, one after another we went through the rooms of the beautiful apartment (I leave the photos to give you an idea) enveloped by the aroma of incense that burned at the entrance.
Ample room, simple but clean and comfortable (with the same sheets IKEA that we had in our bed at home by the way!). The bathroom was shared with Chris and his roommate while – in true French style – there was a little room apart from the toilet of our own.
Chris was very kind putting available a map of Brussels and various guides that always leaves room for guests, gave us directions on the means to take and where to dine on some restaurant (La fin du siecle in Rue des Chartreux 9 that advice in my turn after testing).
Room 2: Bruges
In Bruges we were guests of two English gentlemen who have retired to this wonderful city to enjoy old age.
The location is superb: the house on three floors is an old traditional house Flemish opening its door colorful canal Coupure. Inside she knew just from northern Europe, furnished according to the tastes and habits of the two gentlemen.
The top floor in the attic was all for us: our bedroom overlooking the canal and a large bathroom with references to the sea, lighthouses and nautical.
Nick and Sue, the hosts, they did not miss their advice on where to go, what to do and where to eat, we were provided with a map of the city and the next day – Sunday morning – they cooked breakfast (Inglese Breakfast, of course!) we consumed calmly together talking, talking and more talking about Italy, Bruges, work and travel.
I felt at home. And the house is not to say that I felt in Italy, because I would not have wanted this, but I felt a strong sense of hospitality, I felt welcome. And it was nice. Thanks to the first positive approach with these people to the cities then it seemed more hospitable.
If you like, the announcement of Nick and Sue are here.
I like it because Airbnb provides not only a service but also relations and contacts with strangers who have (often) a strong predisposition reception.
Of course, not always the case, there are also those who rent rooms house only an economic issue (happened to me with another booking in Rome), but the fact remains that the idea behind the site is a winner.
In addition, hosts who rent their rooms on the site make an effort not just, to open their home to strangers so I also believe that as far as when you are paying for a service must also have a minimum of sensitivity and attention towards people who welcome. Of course the same goes the other way, the hosts towards the guests.
Have you ever tried to stay through Airbnb? How have you tried?

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