[ BELGIUM TRIP ] My miserable days with traffic in Brugge

I was only three days in Belgium, but in a short time I tested most of the public transportation available.

In fact, in three days I moved between 2 different airports (Brussels-National airport also said Zevantem and Charleroi airport) and 3 different cities (Brussels, Bruges and Ghent) always using trains or buses to move up in the cities.

Let’s say a full immersion pretty good on public transportation Belgians that drives me now to share with you the experience!

Airport Zevantem – Brussels Centre

Airport Zevantem is located closer to the center of Brussels (11 km), the main international flights land here and the odd Ryanair flight (most lands in Charleroi).

To reach the center of Brussels from this airport there are two main alternatives: bus and train (in addition to the classic taxi). The bus stop is reached by following the signs to the exit: during the day the bus leading into the center is no. 12, at night the n. 21. The cost of the ticket is € 4 if you buy it from a vending machine, € 6 if you buy it on board.

The train into the center is located on level -1 and usually stops at Gare du Nord, Gare du Midi and Gare Centrale. The ticket costs € 8.50 one way and takes about 30 minutes (on my Lonely Planet Pocket was mistakenly written that cost € 4.40 – blow).

Charleroi Airport

This airport is located south of the city, farther than Zevantem: there is a bus that connects the city center and the airport, is the Brussels City Shuttle that takes about one hour each way between Charleroi and the Gare du Midi . The ticket costs 14 € one way or 23 € A / R and you can book it online from the site.

We were going to take the bus when we were intercepted by the guys that started with a taxi from the Gare du Midi: two other people were trying to cover the total of 7 people so we joined paying € 13 a head, it was not a big difference in terms of cost but it took us only 40 minutes.

Moving between Brussels, Bruges and Ghent by train

Various shifts between Brussels and Gent Bruges we have always covered by train.

Over the weekend there is a very interesting offer that allows you to travel paying 50% of the ticket is valid if traveling on Friday after 19, Saturdays and Sundays. This saved us a lot ‘! It’s called Weekend ticket.

Among other tickets can be purchased easily online on the website of the Belgian railways, then just print the receipt and present to the controller when the train passes.

If traveling from Brussels towards Gent and Brugge have to take trains to Oostende, in reverse just take those headed to Brussels Midi.

Bus in Bruges

If you reach Bruges by train you can get to the center on foot with a walk of 1.5 km, or catch one of the buses that depart continuously from the bus stop outside the train station.

The buses run until 23:00 on weekdays. Over the weekend there is an active night service: there are mainly 4 direct lines to the north, south, east and west of the city (bus no. 91-92-93-94), salts of one that takes you to your area (ask the driver for safety) and tells where you want to get off (the stops are all on demand depending on the needs of passengers).

The ticket valid for 60 minutes costs € 1.30 if you buy a land, € 2.00 if the board purchases.

Tram in Gent

In Gent there is a bus service that a service tram to move into town.

If you come from the train station and you want to go in the center you can take the tram # 1, the stop you find the station exit, on the left, opposite the station of buses.

Tickets cost up in the center is the same as I explained to Bruges: a ticket valid for 60 minutes costs € 1.30 if you buy a land, € 2.00 if the board purchases.

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