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Austria is a destination relatively close to the north of Italy that can be easily reached thanks to the motorway and at the same time for beautiful natural landscapes ranging from mountain peaks, lush green valleys, a city rich in history and culture, castles that stand guard at the valleys and mountain passes.
Route between city and nature
For a long weekend we chose to bring us in Salzburg wanting to join the vitality of a city with long traditions with the landscapes of the Salzkammergut, dotted with lakes, forests and nature elevated to full power.
It anticipates that four days are too few to enjoy what this Austrian land would be offered, but since it is always difficult to find a long period of time off from work to go we had to adapt to the needs and try to make the most of the four days accepting to have only a glimpse of the Salzkammergut to return with more time later.
Also personally I had already visited, always in a camper, with family in Salzburg and the Salzburgerland so I know what else could have been done.

Day 1 – Salzburg and Hohensalzburg
We arrived mid morning in town we parked the camper to Panorama Stadtblick, a camp located north of the city just off the highway. Although the highway is so close it does not realize right but seems rather to stand in the Austrian countryside. At the campsite there are all necessary facilities (showers, toilets, sinks for washing dishes, loading and unloading, fresh bread and pastries in the morning, restaurant and beer), the bike path is 50 meters. and the bus stop leading into the center is 150 meters.
We purchased the Salzburg card for 24 hours and we went to the center by bus: we visited the fortress Hohensalzburgin about 2 hours taking advantage of the funicular railway up and down on foot.
A stroll through the shops on the Getreidegasse, including many souvenir shops where whim we tasted the Mozartkugeln (decretandole not particularly suited to our tastes) and finally a beer in a bar on the other side of the river.
Learn here if you are looking for a journey of 48 hours at Salzburg.
Day 2 – Salzburg and Hellbrunn
The morning we left with the usual bus to Hellbrunn, the castle of the fountains located just outside Salzburg. Taking advantage of a coincidence between the bus in the center we take the time to visit the gardens of Mirabell, another castle located in the city center near the river Salzach.
With sandwiches in a backpack and a Bretzel bought on the fly in a bakery just we get on the second bus from the city center leads us to Hellbrunn. For Hellbrunn visits are only guided (in English and German) and leave every 15 minutes: wait for the start of our tour with a picnic lunch in the gardens, a large park open to all.
So we follow the guidance of the fountains and the fountains in the palace garden with a small Lola goes crazy barking whenever people applauding and curious but also a bit ‘scared plays with splashing water.
After the brief tour we stay for a while ‘to relax on a park bench before taking the bus that takes us back to the camper.
We leave in the afternoon riding our bikes and explore the center and the Mönchsberg on two wheels.
Day 3 – Wolfgangsee
We start in the morning from Salzburg and head to the Salzkammergut lake district of Salzburg. We pass green countryside and breathtaking and we reach the first lake we meet on our way, the Fuschlsee, we would like to stop anywhere but finding a convenient and free parking for motor homes is not easy, you’re forced to stop at a campsite, then pull straight up to the Wolfgangsee and we stop at Camping Berau that had been recommended by the owner of the camp in Salzburg.

Here we make ourselves comfortable and we enjoy the relaxation of life along the lake sunbathing on the beach (on the lawn to tell the truth) and by kayak.
By nightfall inforchiamo bikes for a ride in town scouting in St. Wolfgang: we buy some local wurst and back to the camper with our rich haul for a local dinner in our cottage.
Day 4 – Wolfgangsee
The last morning of our trip we enjoy the sun of this last day of relaxation before returning to life everyday. You could still do many walks, cycling, paddling on the lake (if you want information on what to do to Wolfgangsee read this article).
We come back to Italy with a classic stop in Tarvisio.
Useful information
Buy a sticker to pass in the Austrian motorways: a ticket for 10 days costs € 8.70 whether you are traveling by car or camper.
Besides the cost of the sticker you will have to calculate the cost of the toll for crossing the pass the Tauern
The cost of gasoline is much cheaper in the Salzburg of Italy (Diesel around 1.10 per liter).
For a visit to Salzburg I suggest you consider the purchase of the Salzburg card available for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

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