Cause the life’s so short, let’s moving on the summer

Summer comes, students and teenagers get a chance to fly back to their full intentions: to learn foreign languages, voluntary activities and trevalling.
1. Backpacking = travel, explore and feel
While many of you choose to blow off the steam by going on a well planned trip, many others choose to go on a backpacking trip, means that you just need to pack everything you need for your trip in one backpack, and just hit the road. Thanh said: “I like the feeling of exploring every nook and cranny where most craggy mountain passes … We can see that our country is so exotic.”
Backpacking helps you see the beauty of your country. To satisfy the pleasure to discover, people often choose places backpacking secluded and unspoiled. There, you can admire many great enjoy mountain views, beautiful but the tour packages would never let us see. After each trip ofbackpacking, these teens will be more proud of their home country of beloved Vietnam and bring photos to show off to friends abroad about that!
But what backpacking bring not only that. It is where you usually visit the same places of the country poles, where poverty and deprivation still exist very clear. Come and feel to it sympathy and desire to share, it is also very meaningful things that bring backpacking trips.
You Thuy Linh (University of Hanoi) sadly recalls: “In the North Pole in May backpacking, pictures of the baby with no clothes to wear, the women go even tens of kilometers to reach the market or tiny sister had bigger baskets baskets corn people … really leave yourself a lot of contemplation “.
Go backpacking there is also learning journey, facing life, reflect and realize the value of life. “Every time you go back backpacking felt so lucky that day for safety laments, compared to people in the places where they go through, then it is true that we live in … heaven”, L. Spring (University of Foreign Trade) share.
So, through visits to backpacking, you have the opportunity to visit remote places of the country, understand more and share more empathy with people and their land, recognize and appreciate what we have. “Every trip is a stepping stone to backpackers to grow up, out and proud about his own country” – This is what your editors concluded Thuy Linh after 2 years “grinding” backpacking.

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