[ FRANCE TRIP ] PARIS – Somethings are not like my expectation

Some places to visit them dreams so strong that sometimes the chance to really find there really turns without you make so much account.

Those places them cradling and stroking them inside you, warm them in a place of heart and mind, until they become your experience even before they turn into real memories among them bask in the days a bit ‘so, in which everything which would you would find at the airport with a ticket in his hands.

I thought in the Paris I cradled a long time to be afraid to turn that goal into a trip for fear of being disappointed. Perhaps if a trip to the City of Light I had “appeared” in his hands on a Sunday morning I do not know how long I waited to visit this city.

Actually my problem with Paris was not so much of it too idealized, indeed, I did my best to avoid too many mental movies. Rather the challenge was to not put too much in comparison with my great love – London – and be disappointed.

Obviously in this great personal challenge London has not been scratched from my top one (I did not expect him to go otherwise), but at least now I come home with a smile knowing that Paris has managed to earn a place in my heart.

Of course the expectations I had them too, sometimes influenced by the stories of those who had been there before me, but now that Paris I lived on my skin I can finally talk knowledgeably and objectively and tell you about my 4 aspects of the city ranging from myth and legend.

Parisian grandeur.

Paris is really huge. In five days we were able to know just superficially: if Paris had a creme brûlé could say that during my trip I was able to break the surface layer of sweetened and eat some ‘, but all that remains soft cream under it would still be enjoyed!

We visited the most famous places and discovered some small gem, for the rest only further visit could afford to go deeper. Let’s say that I started to make friends with the city, getting comfortable.

Vast areas are: if two points on the map seem distant few hundred meters once there you may find that actually kilometers separate them.
Not to mention the palaces, to those hosting the public offices to museums, they all seem to cry out as the city’s great is magnificent: it seems that the soul megalomaniac Napoleon hovering around every corner.

Paris is expensive.

Yes, I thought it was an urban legend, something that so to say by travelers on Sunday, but this time I changed my mind. The thing I found most expensive is the food: breakfasts, lunches and dinners affect a lot on travel budget, although at every meal you settle for only eat sandwiches cracks and end up spending at least € 8.10.

And this average is valid for food purchased takeaway: if you sit at a bar, bistro or brasserie increases because all table service drives up the account.

Efficient transport but standing.

The metro is a godsend. Given the size of the city and it is impossible to walk from one point to another without having to turn into marathon runners, the subway is the salvation. With the Paris Visite is then possible to make subscriptions more days that allow you to use the meter (with RER and bus) without limits.

But if on the one hand the network is super capillary is also true that it shows its age, especially older stations: escalators and elevators are the exception rather than the rule … be prepared to make a lot of steps up and down!

The Parisians speak only French.

I do not like generalizations, but this is really true! The Parisians speak little English and when they know they struggle to converse in a language other than their mother tongue.
I can accept it as a baker, I can still tolerate it from a waiter, but the clerk who sells me a ticket to the meter or to the information desk to answer me in French to a question in English … Maybe it is a bit too! And then we could say Italian?

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