A Boccadasse fishing village of Genoa, it seems that a child has enjoyed playing with Lego, creating a colorful mix of colors and shapes perched between rocks and earth.

Here in the calm spring days the atmosphere is calm and relaxed: any curious tourist who goes to this district of Genoa, guys who do stretching after a run along the beach, Genoese looking for a little ‘relaxation for the eyes, ears and body in front of the sea.

Related tourism and fishing tourism in Boccadasse

Piazza Enrico Bassano have the first view of Boccadasse: an insight that the church observes the beach and the promontory of houses. Rest a bit ‘so, in front of the painting in watercolor and admire the colors and delicate nuances.

So I go down to the beach where I meet Mario, a young fisherman who owns the crop, unless you arrive early in the morning, it is right on the pebble beach. All year round every morning, except on days when the sea is very rough, Mario goes fishing with his crop: he always did as a child, when he went out to sea with his grandfather, and it’s one of those things that make him happy and that many might envy: the passion and work that coincide.

Mario is related tourism and fishing tourism: those who want to try fishing and contacted him early in the morning you find on the beach of Boccadasse where part with him on board the gozzetto. Mario explains how sea fishing and spend together a normal day by fishermen; once they return, the fish is cooked and then eaten in the new local “GE 8317” which takes its name from the boat into the sea that accompanies Mario every day and that for the past 65 years is a constant on the beach of Boccadasse enough to become a symbol .

The activity of fishing tourism Mario is time for children: organizes meetings with the classes where it explains how to fish, what are the fish that are caught in the sea of ​​Genoa … And at the same time in the summer, returned from his daily fishing, on the beach makes the activities with the children to show them the sea and fishing.

Eating fish in Boccadasse

GE 8317 to drink an aperitif, a cocktail or a sangria, perhaps accompanied by the pan-fried mullet or fried fish, or you can just have lunch or dinner. Provided that you have booked on time or has been lucky in finding immediately place: the room is small and very much in demand, even if it has only been open a few weeks!

A Boccadasse however is not the only fish restaurant valid, of course there are also others, such as Osvaldo serving seafood traditional Genoese panissa (a chickpea flour that is rolled, cut into slices and fried in ‘ hot oil), the Cappon Magro (a dish made of different types of fish and vegetables is very elaborate to prepare) and ending with the fried sweet milk (a kind of custard also fried).

Boccadasse however is not just food, it is also the pleasure of spending a beautiful day at sea on its pebble beach which is usually one of the favorite beach destination by the Genoese to the proximity to the city.

A short walk through the narrow Creuze uphill and you arrive at Via Al Capo di Santa Chiara: here from a small lookout point you can turn its gaze eastward, and the blue horizon – right – of Boccadasse and the sunset in the distance.

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