“GLACIERS” – Drop soul between mountains

The largest glacier in Europe is in Austria. And ‘the Grossglockner which literally translated means “big bell”.
For me the Grossglockner – Heiligenblut and the village that lies at his feet – is an incredible place, which I never get tired of coming back to visit.

The reason is that here you are surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Austria, the Park Hohe Tauern, you are immersed in the green of nature, the air is so fresh and pure that you want to breathe in deeply, there are views that leave gaping and making eyes sting with emotion.


Just for the views that can be seen along the road between the small village of Heiligenblut, the glacier and the equally small town of Fusch, the path has been transformed into a real tourist attraction.

And ‘how did the Grossglockner High, a scenic route which starts from Heiligenblut (coming from Lienz) or from Fusch (coming from Zell am See).

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a toll road for all motor vehicles (cars, motor homes, motorcycles) and free for cyclists, winds through many hairpin bends (so bikers are crazy!) And leads to peaks that offer breathtaking views of valleys and peaks.

I am playing from Heiligenblut, where I spent a wonderful holiday in tents.
Following the signs for the Hochalpenstraße it turns out that the road is blocked by an early exit … And ‘the case to which you have to stop to pay a toll that varies depending on the type of medium with which it passes.
And then off, you start to climb slowly, encountering numerous places where you can stop and admire the view.

Because here there is not much else to do except admire … But that’s the beauty!
In fact you can also go for walks and excursions: There are trekking and mountaineering, even on the glacier.

I confined myself to reach the lookout point, the Kaiser-Franz-Josef Höhe, where along with some souvenir shop and restaurant there is a path that leads to the tower Swarowski, where in addition to the information panels on the flora and fauna that can be found in the surrounding area, there are powerful telescopes that allow observation of nature and the landscape outside.


If the weather is nice, there are many people who decide to go up here so the “fight” to contend for a peek into the telescopes could be difficult, but it’s worth it. If you really can not make you space out in the open and enjoy the brisk air that you can breathe only at 2,300 meters, bend the ear and hear the whistles of marmots they are now accustomed to tourists and approach just enough to collect a piece of cracker or biscuit and being seen very well.
Then he gets back behind the wheel and you go back to where the road splits into a junction and continue towards

Fusch along gentle switchbacks as a gray snake winding through meadows pale green.
Taking their time to continue to the next vantage point you may encounter picnic areas, grazing cows and small waterfalls.

A full day or half day for those in a hurry, passes quickly between the Hohe Tauern mountains and then back from this trip with that feeling of well-being that comes from not doing anything in particular, but in the mind as a video pass beautiful images of nature with its simplicity never fails to excite.

This route is suitable for the wheels of cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of classic cars: here you will find many small groups representing these groups, especially many bikers, who know that Austrian and German (but also Italians) lost for love the mountain roads aboard their fast cars.

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