When near to the time of the move, just because I am busy also not prepared anything. Says preparing the furniture rather than actually often the biggest concern during the trip is carrying the air something to shoot. People take pictures of the simple home camera Association, rather than the nostalgic as I am just struggling to think should be photographed film gauge, 35 mm, medium format or large format, compact rangefinder camera carrying to the sniper or bring your DIGITAL SLR go shooting stick to kill the wrong than omission …, pick up the out put also the headaches. This also concerns the camera, while the computer to spot tucked just jogging shoes. In addition to the target back to eat, take a picture, this trip must run in Japan.

The right of running in Japan is because of love with the subject of my long distance running was started by a book by an author, his book “I say nothing when talking about running” by Haruki Murakumi. Should run Ministry in Japan mean the return to the source to me.

All other times often fly routes of Hanoi-Narita, I began the journey by the Osaka Airport. Hanoi-Osaka flight beginning at midnight as usual. Every time I sleep is the aircraft climbs a circuit open your eyes is to Japan, this time do not understand due to ill health or because Vietnam Airlines increased seats should sit uncomfortable inconvenience, all night struggling Bureau record on the bench. Just a little sleep then thiu always thiu always attendant to wake up invited to eat. Ate no whole province that belly sleeping, the result was down to phạc’s place because of lack of sleep. My intended next morning started to run in Osaka had to cancel because of busy sleeping.

The next day, I visit the city was Kyoto. Ever to visit Kyoto, visit the tourist places and then should I not salty but with the familiar tourist. Thankfully, in the program has a free day should be enough time to make a first run in Japan in Kyoto hotel is a hotel in right across Kyoto station, a landmark very easy disambiguation if lost. From today before I chose the destination is located in the Gion district Ishibe lane.

If anyone ever see the movie memoirs of a Geisha is known to the military area by her famous Gion Geisha. If statistically in 1920 about 80000 Geisha in Gion area and Potoncho, now only the speed 1000 Geisha in Japan the chance to see a Geisha is very rare, so there must be a private 1 tour just to wander around the old town hope to see 1 , 2. Last time because unfortunately 70-80 USD anything, I go in circles but also meet her Geisha, the day celebrated as getting money.

Gion district outside of her Geisha out the reputation of the old town, with a Japanese-style wooden houses, the bars along the River with lanterns. Ishibe Lane, I selected for the jog, famous not so much tourists because there is nothing special in it. That is just a small alley paved with ancient houses. From Kyoto to Ishibe view lane on a map of about 3.6 km, a distance so close against the run, but in Japan there is hardly one of phones I don’t use 3 g Google Map program should not work, may be the GPS still works so I pulled out occasionally to see if we can run off of route No.

This season in Japan morning pretty early, from 5 pm the Sun was dazzling chang. The weather is ideal for jogging, roads are also ideal to run outdoors. In his book a new era said Murakami episode run, he is very afraid of jogging outdoors because the concerned neighbors should usually set to run in the field near the House. It is true that the Japanese are very closed and afraid to reveal themselves, but the weather and roads like this new crazy not to run outdoors. But in Kyoto is right there are few who run the Ministry, on the run, just saw a run of the same length at the front, running the same speed with me. Run a bad phone new out wrong-way run lose near 1 km, I nodded back, then met two more people jogging backwards. There are three single jogging I met in Kyoto that day.

From Kyoto station, I run through the overpass, crossing the top of the the Shinkasen train Japanese pride are piling up and running next to the Kamo River crosses. The Kamo River this season very much inert piece of stone, under the riverbed, glimpse the Stork, Pelican bass standing soaking. Along the banks of the river’s Embankment Road very beautiful but also did not see anyone running the ball. Amazingly well, but for a long distance runners, the loneliness is you standing on the run. Japanese people often work late at 9 pm on the road sometimes should see someone. To stop at a red light, I head for the rules, but then saw the Japanese walk still crossed red lights should be immediate after the eyes, do not see the vehicle that I always pass holders must stop.

On the run, at first see the Shinto gate ball or a temple is I stopped shooting, but later came up with 2,000 temples in Kyoto that do so nor should arrive at noon so the old plug to run. Just look at the GPS signal moment later I know have to score themselves want to.

Not a signal would notice, suddenly I’m from 21st century watch it fall into the time machine and return to those hundreds of years ago. Despite view on the photo, I also can’t imagine the beauty of the old lane life still more beautiful than on the photo. Ishibe alley small, clean, paved along the alley is the ancient houses of Japanese like exactly hundred years ago. Go along the lane a little Grabby Cossacks, feel as always ready to see a bird though Gesha, kimono.

Different from the other lane of the Gion District have been excessive trade, on Trip advisor software people write because this forgotten alley should retain the air of ancient Japan, in addition to the House in the lane are mostly residential or upscale restaurant should avoid basic air cargo. I’m completely at the lane, don’t see the guys balls, feel like being in the context of a film by Studio Ghibli. Naturally, the children heard the alley’s last laugh, I run and a glimpse of Japanese families are going to end gate, unfortunately don’t have a camera in your hand, the phone jam up great press officers. To the end of the lane, I found myself lost into a another ancient village, the village is located along the mountain slopes, steep climb, two-lane road is very much every Cafe restaurant. Turns out it was the ancient village of Higashiyama, a location familiar to tourists. If here at noon, then saw all Chinese tourists have plenty loud for the sale, the Chinese girl rent kimonos played fake geisha walking all over the place, but in the early morning before this, every consistent yet open, quiet village is a different world.

Photographic wanderings bored, I ran to the hotel, the total distance run was about 10 km. A Kyoto experience very interesting. Thanks, Murakami and his book, thanks to running subjects that it’s time to go to any city, I also have the opportunity to discover from a different angle altogether.

Open parenthesis: If want to experience without the treadmill, you can from the Kyoto station catch bus No. 206 (this route is the travel routes go through many famous spots in Kyoto), Gion district, then down to the car and walk about 800 m is to Ishibe lane. Should visit the sơm at about 8:00 a.m., then walk to visit the area of the ancient village of Higashiyama in next to the green tea ice cream-eating, shopping, or sit drinking tea, cafe in the Japanese-style row …

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