[ JAPAN’s TOUR ] Mountain of Fuji

Leaving Kyoto is quite fall because many places not explored, I go to the next venue, Lu Quan Fujinobou Kaen in Hakone feet of the Summit of Fuji.

I have not had occasion to Mount of Fuji, but formerly once, I had the opportunity to go even Fuji before the tsunami struck, the trip was canceled so I can just now glimpse Fuji from the ship Shikasen as in a comic Detective Conan.

I have you ever lived in Japan, I recommend if there should occasion about the countryside around Fuji, Japanese-style pubs, tourism in tatami bed, bath onsen, there will be a very interesting experience. Before the trip I hear is popular will in Japanese Consulate should LU at envisions Lu Quan me in would be a classic two-story wooden houses of Japan who arrived back at the Cafe Lu dè is a high-rise hotel in addition to the Red-tiled, comforting is very beautiful hotel setting brick red color, hidden among pine forests, and view a view Mount Fuji; Furthermore the rooms still equipped in accordance with Japanese style.

It comes to memory, Fuji Photo’s I always attached with the woodcut landscape 36 Mount Fuji of Honkusai, i.e. I think that Mount Fuji white snow-capped peaks there year round.

Turns out a few months a year, snow melt and this time I visited at the top of the mountain with no snow. You have guides say Mount Fuji is very erratic, only had about a year less than hundred days is clear tạnh to see Mount Fuji should clear the opportunity to photograph mountains is also very customizable charm.

From the highway, cars turn into the small street to the hotel, got to the foot of the Mountain Division, the road gradually ramps up, run winding between the trees of the forest, an ideal place to run. I glimpse across the street an incoming student is running, probably the top students I met this morning at the bus station, a club would it take students training stamina like in war talk Teppi …

What’s not good for the heart, good stamina by running and also what not simply by jogging, but in Vietnam the long distance running subjects still quite familiar to most people in General.

In the Department of Economics, there are indicators to evaluate the development of a region, a country such as the indicator of GDP/capita, but numbers do not reflect the quality of life of the people of that area. I still have the number only joking to evaluate much better living standards such as the number of Symphony on the population, the number of theatres, Museum on the population, the number of annual art exhibition …

This number is not seeping into where if compared with America over 20000 incoming and compared to You more than 1000 races. Vietnam currently maintains two annual marathon race is Da Nang and the mountain race in Sapa. In Vietnam the long distance running subjects not yet popularity is probably because long sports movement being run according to the merits, the way coaching is not inspiring almost everyone should think of long runs is not ideal. Now I myself go forecast never to run longer than 1 km, because I think it’s completely wrong about long-distance running methods that teachers not only for me, that’s almost run sessions would also plug plug the neck run after the 100 m, 200 m is hung and 1 km is crawling to the finish line. Teaching runs in Vietnam made people think only those who have new cheerleaders health can complete the range as 41 km, 21 km.

No help for the promotion and development of tourism by the marathon. Every year, people running around the world, spent tons of money to have the opportunity to run in the marathon in the world. Before the episode ran long line, I don’t think one run was not the money that it takes money to run. For the prestigious marathon like Boston, New York, then it has to be run, the longer it takes more money to sign, even to draw together the paintings to be run. That of course came to run the register hotels, dining, shopping …

Murakami began running long road when in addition to thirty years old and from then to the present in which he also regularly participated in at least one marathon, and when he writes books about jogging, has been inspiring for so many people because he pointed out a simple principle of running, anyone can run. Of course many people, great barrier and cowardice with subjects running is not the power that is psychological. Most people come up with subjects running both recognize that the greatest difficulty is determined each morning, if shoes pierced pierced are the shoes, then everything will become easier.

Early the next day, I taught early on from 5 pm to start running at the foot of Mount Fuji, 5 but the Sun was shining, the sky is not crystal-clear chang a cloud ripple. From the hotel I run through the grounds of pine and hardwood to the main road towards the mountain. The road running up the slope without the ball and suddenly the last steep merits apparition Mount Fuji in the blue sky. If the call to see Fuji is the charm I’m with Fuji-san in this trip. Yesterday afternoon, when visiting a village of famous stock by 8 the well take water from Mount Fuji, shouldn’t it be a good place to photograph the mountain rain cloud coming should not see anything, when alone in going into villages, suddenly I saw the sky suddenly clouds and mountains.

Sun was still summer weather, in Osaka and Kyoto is still hot but at this altitude along the road running I’ve seen sporadically maple leaf color transfer. Road running is still alone, but as I said, with people long distance running is the opponent, is the indispensable companion.

Running is not a dissident, you don’t have to practice the same opponent, the opponent every day, every hour, every minute you have to overcome is myself. This opponent will leak the ears you enough reasons to you don’t like shoes pierced today it rains should not run, looks like a slightly sore feet better rested today … and then during the run, the opponent does not stops nagging on mind you running like this all stop How to do much running, … I read that someone quoted Buddha said is “the biggest opponent is myself.” Perhaps the subjects running not attractive to most people.

Tips to overcome oneself is do not think much, just concentrated to just turn to lift each leg up and forward. Murukami has said that those at the pain, tired, you just wish that pain is inevitable and this suffering is voluntary in order to continue moving forward. I myself found if enough patience to overcome the pain, then the focus will help to fall on the status as at meditation, the whole body will automatically operate smoothly, meditation while running.

This forest at the foot of the mountain tops run between Fuji, I fell into a meditation to enjoy fresh air, beautiful natural scenery. I stopped to take some pictures but although very trying I can’t reconstruct the whole of the surrounding nature, the majestic shape of Mount Fuji.

The two sides of the road running is the forest mist, I think if just left the road running, go on in people will astray, just think done suddenly appeared by the side of the entrance to a murky trail unknown lead away. I just connect the road into the jungle in his novel Kafka on the shore of Murukami, go into is going to a place no time drift. Then when the car ride up Mount Fuji I know, turns out the foot, there is a forest of mist which is where the Japanese came to suicide.

Run promotions see a old doctor running in reverse. Contrary to the thinking of many people running only for thtanh, every year at the marathon has a lot of old people taking the test run. In Vietnam the previous installments read newspapers saw the football team coach on each team required to run these km, press calling for noise is the squeeze may force but didn’t notice that Uncle coach despite 53 years old then on would also maintain the run and participate in running the team. Maybe that’s why your doctor Japanese coach has a very standard humanoid rather than hug the beer belly as coach.

Look at the clock to see soon returned to prepare up to 5 stations to visit Mount Fuji, I run in reverse and end the evening running soon just in time. Sadly the photos I take Mount Fuji Festival you see and claims overstating the mountain Three Because Hanoi.

See also: review on an altitude of Mount Fuji than just higher than the altitude family Located a few hundred meters but the Japanese don’t build up cable take the Summit as in Vietnam. The Japanese would also have a dream of climbing Mount Fuji to contemplating the dawn. Turns out my season to visit the mountain with no snow is climbing at people to make the dream DD

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