My Camping Trip in spring – The Toscana sunny land

In transforming seasons there isto travel in my opinion.

In spring a goal that always knows me dream is Tuscany, and today here I decided – for the nice memories – to propose a route between the hills of Siena in the I path camper a few years ago at Easter, and that in part It is enriched with goals that I have not touched personally but if I had more time I would have liked to visit.

Day 1 – Volterra

I would start the tour from this ancient fortified town that is not in the province of Siena, but in Pisa. Forgive the “off topic” but in my opinion is a very nice country that is worth achieving.

Wrapped in fortified walls you can climb up to the square along the narrow streets of the old town and some steep stairs, peek through the remains of Etruscan and those of Roman times (the amphitheater), stroll the large squares, such as Piazza dei priori, overlooked by buildings with battlements like fortresses.

Do not miss the local cuisine (irresistible throughout Tuscany): if you want to enjoy a lunch or dinner of quality based on local tastes zero km there is the Antica Bettola of which I had already talked a little ‘time ago Blog.

Where you can stop with the camper: parking Sources of Docciola offering fresh and waste water

Day 2 – San Gimignano

The second day we spent in San Gimignano, a beautiful village located in the Siena hills characterized by numerous towers that stand majestically in the middle of the gentle landscape.


We left the camper out of town near a farm that has given us permission to park and from there we walked up to San Gimignano along the Via Vecchia, a small street of stones that offers access to many B & Bs and farmhouses and It allows you to have an enviable view of the hills around the city and the towers that become bigger and bigger as they approach you.

Now the towers in the city are only 13 but in the era of greatest expansion of the city were over 70. They were a sign of power that showed the wealth of the family that built it. Inside we lived, or at least in the first 3-4 floors, the rest of the tower was an end in itself.

You have a beautiful view from the towers, the city and the entire landscape around going up the Torre Grossa, the highest tower of San Gimignano. With the admission ticket includes a visit to the museum.

Where you can stop with the camper: a little ‘out of the country, but well connected by bus is the rest area Santa Chiara with all the services (loading and unloading, electricity and sanitation with showers). The cost is a bit ‘higher end (22 € for 24 hours), but in proportion to the offer. Alternatively there is a free car park in via Don Minzoni, near a sports ground, much closer to the center, but without tents.

Day 3 – Monteriggioni and Colle di Val d’Elsa

Monteriggioni is a small walled village along the Via Francigena, which is in excellent condition: exceed its walls and walk on its ramparts is like stepping into the Middle Ages!

The peasino is perched in the hills not far from Siena and it’s really tiny, so that really half a day just to visit, but if you have a bit ‘of time you can stay here a whole day and spend the night in the parking lot located in front the walls and start over the next day to new destinations.

In Monteriggioni you can walk on the walkways (2 €), visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta – the medieval church inserted inside the walls, walk through the narrow streets and have lunch or dinner made from local products in one of the romantic restaurants.

Where you can stop with the camper: In front of the Porta Franca (or Romea) is the parking lot of Cipressino fee (maximum of 5 € per day), with no particular services but very quiet.

Not far from there Monteriggioni Colle di Val d’Elsa, another medieval town built on a hill that stands in the middle of the landscape. Here too it is worth stopping, maybe for the rest of the day, wandering the streets of the old town, admiring the buildings, the Cathedral, the Palazzo dei Priori which houses the Civic Museum and the Sacred Art.

Where you can stop with the camper: there is free parking and quiet right next to the city walls, near Porta Nova (follow signs for City La Furnace).

Day 4-5 – Siena

In Siena we spent more time because unlike the small villages visited so far is a larger city with more things to see.

Obviously we did not lose a walk on the famous Piazza del Campo, the shell-shaped square inclined where the Palio, which dominates the high Torre del Mangia. If you want to enjoy a remarkable view of the city from the top you can climb the tower (on foot, of course) calculated but it is very crowded you may have to wait quite a while ‘since they can climb the tower up to 50 persons at a time.

Saliate Whether or not the tower can then continue walking through the streets of Siena, including gift shops, chain stores and small shops, the Duomo to admire the beautiful exterior and see the whole museum complex that includes access to the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Crypt, the Museo dell’Opera, the Piccolomini Library and the view. If you happen to be visiting the city during certain periods of the year you may be lucky enough to witness the unveiling of the floor of the Cathedral of Siena.

Do not forget to taste the local flavors, while dining in a typical restaurant (I recommend the Osteria Boccon del Prete because I tried it personally) and stay in a bakery to taste and buy the local delights: from nooks, Ricciarelli, Vin Santo.

Where you can stop with the camper: we have stopped in a parking lot reserved for campers and coaches near the Municipal Cemetery, about 15 minutes walk from the port Fontebranda. With about 20 € includes all services (loading and unloading, electricity), but is a bit ‘noisy because it is located near busy roads.

We at this point we went back home, but we wanted to go so much, then continuing with some other stop on the itinerary that I would do in the near future (and from which you can get ideas, of course!).

Day 6 – Montalcino

In Montalcino returns in small medieval villages in the hills, here we are in Val d’Orcia, renowned worldwide for the production of Brunello di Montalcino.

Visit the town means getting lost in its streets immersed in history and in the typical Tuscan atmosphere maybe stopping at a winery to taste and buy this fine wine.

Where you can stop with the camper: about 1 km from the city center in town Albergherua there is a rest area equipped (no electricity), maximum cost per day 5 €.

Day 7 – Montepulciano

Montepulciano you can enjoy a fantastic view of the landscape that surrounds it. The central square has been set for an important scene in the movie New Moon (second of the Twilight series), however, regardless of your knowledge or not the film in question, the place is really a gem on which stands the imperious Town Hall .

Once you are here you have to try some local wine, primarily the Nobile di Montepulciano, a red that encompasses all the flavors of the Tuscan hills of the Val d’Orcia. Needless to say, the wine combines very well with the local cuisine of Tuscany.

Where you can stop with the camper: there is a paid parking lot near the historic center near the barracks of the Fire Department, the possibility of loading and unloading. Cost minimum 6 € (8 hours), 10 € for the whole day.

Day 8 – Passignano

Trespass in Umbria to enjoy the air of the lake: the Trasimeno and just around the corner and it is a shame to miss a step as well.


This medieval village still retains its ancient appearance despite the destruction caused by the bombings of World War II. Its location on Lake Trasimeno offers lovely views and is also a good starting point for walking tours and cycling nearby.

Where you can stop with the camper: lakeside Lelio Giappesi there is parking with loading and unloading. Near the camper service are free 4 places with the possibility of electrical connection (surcharge). Elsewhere in the park there are numerous car camper rentals (2 € per hour, or 12 € for the whole day).

Day 9 – Cortona

After escaping the lake will return to Tuscany to visit another of the region. Cortona also be prepared to explore it on foot along the slopes of the narrow streets that open into large squares or in sweeping views of the landscape around the country. Reach the summit of Mount Egidio on which stands the Basilica of Santa Margherita: from here the view of the Chiana valley is definitely a must.

Where you can stop with the camper: free parking but no infrastructure and with few campers in Via Cesare Battisti, near the city walls and escalators in the city.

Day 10 – Arezzo

Last stop on the itinerary (if desired) is Arezzo, a town rich in art, especially thanks to the legacy of artists such as Piero della Francesca and Giorgio Vasari. In the streets of the city you can get lost in walks that line buildings that enclose artistic treasures of great value: the Basilica of St. Francis, the Cathedral of San Donato, the museum house of Giorgio Vasari …

Where you can stop with the camper: Via Pierluigi da Palestrina there is an area for campers free with the possibility of loading and unloading. Just 200 meters from the escalator leading to the city center.

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