London, The city is famous for its musical for the West End, the area crowded with theaters located between Leicester Square and Covent Garden that evening lights of signs of neon lights and filled with people scurrying in the queue at the entrances of the show .
Since much (but just as much) wanted to attend one of the famous musicals in London and during my last trip to the English capital last I turned my dream into reality!
If you’re thinking about going to see a musical in London know that you will be spoiled for choice: the performances are many and varied, some based on stories of famous remake movies or books (as Billy Elliot, The Chocolate Factory, Lion’s King), others are pure musical (I can think of Cats and Mamma Mia). Each theater is set up to accommodate with continuity its own musical, in some cases if it is hit show the same performance could be repeated even for years.
How to buy discounted tickets for musicals in London
Tickets for musicals in London are not particularly cheap (the least expensive in the balcony usually range between 30 and 40 € minimum), but with a little ‘luck and some changes you can find good deals.
Book online in advance
Usually by purchasing tickets online in advance is not likely to be sold out and you can find special offers. More generally, I found that you book ahead of its dedicated sites that aggregate the various performances (as prices are better than those of the same official sites of the musical.
Obviously, the concept remains valid that the better the position of the seats, the higher the price paid. Almost always.
Buy last minute with TKTS
If you do not book in advance is another way to save money is to do the exact opposite: to book tickets at the last minute.
TKTS is a box-office located in Leicester Square where you can buy affordable tickets for all events of the day, to take advantage of it, however, you must purchase in person (also on the website of TKTS if you book online you refer to Official London Theatre).
If you do not have special needs and you’re good to choose when to watch musicals or in places that sit (aware that there may not be available the show that you cared or armchairs in the front row that you liked) switch could be the TKTS first thing in the morning before leaving for your tour of London.
Personally I have not tried this service but I had considered during my trip to New York (they TKTS there too) and memory files rather long. In any case, the ticket office is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 19.00 and Sundays from 11.00 to 16.30.
On the site TKTS you can get an idea of ​​what are the shows, and tickets available.
Buy the very last minute in theater
I have done so: I presented myself at the theater box office one hour before the show and I asked who had tickets available. I take a ticket in the balcony with a decent view but not too much, that was within the budget that I had given (maximum € 50).
It ‘was the best choice for me because in the audience near the stage there were still unsold seats at the same price of the balcony so I got my ticket in the fourth row center. Not bad at all.
Of course I was also lucky because if the show had been sold out or almost I could find myself buy exactly the same ticket that I had seen online for the balcony at the same price, or even worse not find any more place available and renounce see the musical. But I had nothing to lose and I reckoned that having time, eventually if I had gone wrong I would have tried again the next night.
It also calculates that even I was alone, I had been in a couple (or more than two) would be difficult to get good seats close to each other at the last minute.
The musical: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
But now that I have spoken far and wide like trying to buy discounted tickets for musicals in London I switch to tell the musical.
I was convinced that I saw Billy Elliot but then, addocchiati posters of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), I could not resist the idea of ​​seeing how in the theater would have revived the waterfalls of chocolate, the Humpa Lumpa and squirrels … All those things I had imagined as a baby reading the book by Roald Dahl and then looking at the later films with Gene Wilder first, and then Johnny Depp.
Given the type of musical I was not surprised to be surrounded by families with children and whole classes of children, yet there were also many “big” like me.
Raised the curtain began a wonderful journey: see the musical was a mix between being catapulted into the book and the convenience of being in front of the slide images like a movie, but all in 3D. The sets were beautiful, as well as the costumes were meticulously maintained. All the actors were wonderful, real professionals, including of course all the kids are the ones that left me speechless, not only for talent in singing, dancing and acting, but also for the ability to remember all those dialogues .
In short, it is true that the tickets for musicals in London are not exactly cheap but I advise you to provide for a small part of the travel budget to attend a show, taking advantage of my advice to buy discounted tickets for sure save a bit ‘!

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