My experience of skiing in Trentino

Every trip, every little vacation leaves me in something: emotions and feelings associated with what I see and do.

A few weeks ago I was in between Andalo Trentino, in the Dolomites Paganella, and Madonna di Campiglio and again, as many times as I make new experiences on the road, I came away enriched.

I have done so many different activities in the snow and I saw beautiful landscapes, but one to which I like to think back now that I’m at home are not only individual things I’ve done or seen in those busy days, but also the feelings that I lived while I was doing.

Today I want to do an experiment. I would like to tell the experiences starting with the emotions that are generated.


“I’m too big to roll around in the snow,” this thought as other similar punctuate our lives as adults. We believe “too big” to do certain things, and why sometimes we miss the moments of immense happiness, simple little things that tear us a smile and give us joy.

This time I chased that little voice adult and I jumped on the soft snow, with the nose towards a blue sky with no clouds and I opened and closed the arms and legs to create an angelic figure. I like to think there on the pristine expanse and candid I left a trace of my soul that is united with the beautiful nature surrounding me.

I raised from that mattress natural radiant and now etched in my mind is that shape in the shape of angel nestled between majestic mountains.

Agitation vs. enthusiasm

Dog sledding is one of those experiences that dream of doing for a long time: an activity that brings together nature and love for animals. But I never thought to drive myself, alone, a sled. Definitely a unique experience, a challenge of its own.

Although assisted remotely by an expert who “helped” my coachmen with commands if necessary, drive a husky sled was not a simple thing.

At the start I was very agitated because of the slide had to work with someone (sweet cagnoloni 4) so ​​that we could go the way scored, I felt that all – or much – depended on me, even though the greater the effort they did. I heard some commotion that ‘stops me in, but I never let that take over because I do not want to preclude beautiful experiences.

And ‘success once again. Left brake dogs are parties. It was not easy as I imagined in my dreams, but the race I was impressed: from the time of departure, at the first corner when I almost fall, when mid-way to the end because I pushed the sled dogs were tired and They not make it more trainarmi.


As long as you’re facing the trail is flat does not make special efforts, everything runs smoothly, you enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature around you. When the road gets steep and strenuous start to compare yourself with yourself and your limits.

In my small way I did with snowshoes in the last stretch of the path that led me to the Chalet Fiat Mount Spinale (Blog Nature of Trentino you can read the full experience).

It ”s the beauty of the mountain: you tired, challenges you, makes you think, “I can not do it, I stay here,” yet one step after the other, without haste, conquer the summit and achieve the objectives . An effort that takes you also a lot of satisfaction because it makes you realize the effort it took you, makes you feel alive in fact. And ‘so that I felt once at the top: alive.


After a tiring walk or a busy day in costume, a fluffy bathrobe and go downstairs in the hotel SPA. The SPA are quiet places, silent, where people speak softly and the lights are dim.

Sometimes it does not even realize that they need a little ‘relaxation: always go to a thousand in the life of every day that sometimes we do not even stop to listen to what he has to tell us our body.

I find the well-being among the vapors of the sauna and the silence of a quiet room warm, while they are lying on a comfortable bed with a herbal tea in hand. There finally feel your arms, legs, back and head relax, thoughts flow freely.

Outside the window, the snow and the mountains, the warmth in the cold and winter are not afraid, are just the magical setting for my thoughts.


Have you ever looked up at the sky in the mountains during a clear night? If so you can imagine my face: marvel at its purest, his mouth remains half open, as dazed.

Now I know them well this night skies, and yet every time I remain dazzled. The most obvious manifestation of the immensity of nature, the immensity of the universe.

I sleep in a nice room of an isolated hotel, with beautiful views of the mountains and nothing more, the bed can not see the stars: I fall asleep as well, with the curtains open and the view of the heavens, regardless of the light tomorrow morning since the first light will flood my room.

I like to think that from here I have a wonderful window on the universe.

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