My suggestions for a meaningful trip at year-ending occasion

Below will tell you travel because of New Year, while the time is approaching faster than expected, anxiety affects New Year like a Swiss watch: every year the happiness of the parties and of a new beginning is mixed with the feeling of having absolutely do something memorable on that fateful night … Yes, but what?

Those traveling on New Year’s travels throughout the year

I solved with city, because if you have to start the new year by doing something that you really love then I want to start it with the lightness and the memory of a trip.

If you’re going to say that New Year prices are soaring dramatically than the rest of the year, I can only agree with you, but acting in advance or by focusing on a few last minute deals you can find what is right for their own without fainting. In addition, the period between Christmas and New Year is also the one with the largest concentration of vacation days then, for those who have a job not very flexible, this is the time when it is easier to carve out some time to leave.

Here are my ideas for the New Year: goals that vary according to the time available and the budget. Then you know that almost every destination can be experienced as backpackers or as Pasha depending on the budget and travel habits, it’s up to you build your perfect itinerary according to your needs.

3 days in Ljubljana

If you are not afraid of the cold, you are looking for a destination relatively close to Italy and did not have many days off available, Ljubljana is the icing on the cake.

A romantic city that recalls the atmosphere of the Hapsburg reign of the nineteenth century but also it combines modernity and the unique culture of Eastern Europe. A New Year is wonderful Ljubljana more than in any other time of year because the old town is lit by blue and white lights that are reflected on its river, the tall cake slices watch passersby from the windows of bakeries and invite them to come in, the stalls along the streets of downtown hover in the air the smell of street food.

At midnight on 31 December the fireworks light up the castle that towers over the city, musical entertainment are organized in the main squares of the city and playing music until late at night in the premises of Metelkova.

Do you spend time in Ljubljana by force: it is a destination very low cost if you sleep in a hostel, but if you’re willing to spend a little ‘more, there are also many hotels, from the most standard to the most luxurious.

Seven days in New York

New York is worth seeing in any season but surely between Christmas and New Year is more scenic than ever. Even if you’ve never been before you feel like you already know because you saw and reviewed in several films, also decked out for Christmas (I say only “Home Alone Lost in New York” or “Prince Coming to America “or” Miracle on 34th Street “).


The ice rink of Rockefeller Center, the Christmas markets organized in parks, shows of all types and decorations that illuminate even more the city that never sleeps is now an icon, and then you can say “That year at midnight in Times Square I was there! “

In New York there are accommodation options to suit every budget: among the cheapest options there are apartments for rent (I often use fee) especially if you divide the cost among a group of friends or a few couples.

Safari in Kenya

For those who want to pass it to the New Year hot here begins the interesting proposals, the first is the Africa that apparently enters your heart and does not go out of your thoughts when you’ve lived on the skin.


A safari in the bush between elephants, lions and gazelles, the national parks and the beaches of Kenya are a memorable way to celebrate the beginning of the new year also considered that in the dry season begins in January.

Personally, my dream is crowned with a pleasant stay in an eco-lodge, holiday sustainable structures, ranging from the simple and basic services to lodge extra luxury in nature.

Tour of Thailand

This goal is close to my heart as it will be the destination of our New Year this year. Thailand is a nation that has much to offer travelers more diverse because unites culture, traditions, nature, active vacation, dream beaches (and more to find out soon).


The great thing about this country is that it is still a cheap country for us Westerners who come to visit it so even if you go to New Year – reckoned the cost of the flight, which tends to affect a little bit (and to be even twice as many as same flight in another year of low season) – the rest of the costs – from the house to the cost of living – is very low.

And ‘so that 4 star hotels in Bangkok can cost as a B & B in Italy. In the beach, prices tend to rise a bit ‘, especially at New Year but, if you do not want to force the Western comforts of a resort you may opt for the beautiful ocean view bungalows cheaper but not less comfortable.

At a resort in the Maldives

The Maldives is the exotic dream that we all have in mind: clear water, white beaches as snow and perfect temperatures.


If you think the New Year in the Maldives surely you imagine lying in a hammock under a palm tree while sipping a cocktail from a coconut: a new year that begins has every reason to be crackling.

The Maldives is a destination for the elite then you know that if you choose to have a nice nest egg aside and this applies even more to the New Year. But honestly once you’ve decided that yes, the holiday to the Maldives this year do not you handle anyone, might as well vivertela the way opting for a nice resort by the sea, maybe staying in one of those on stilts’ water that I winked from all promotional brochures!

Caribbean sailing

Lately I’ve been seriously considering the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking a vacation on a sailing boat and the Caribbean are exerting a certain fascination for me. And to be honest if you want to do a sailing holiday on New Year’s do not have much other choice but to head to the warm seas.


Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands … Names that evoke exotic scenery, warm and relaxing and that, contrary to what one might think, are not even holidays exorbitant costs.

In this regard, if you are considering sailing holiday in the Caribbean my final advice is to download this ebook written by Bluewago.

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