OSTERNIG MOUNT – Blue Sky for the Dreamer

An idea for a trek in Friuli Venezia Giulia is the walk around the ring of Mount Osternig. A trek through the woods of the Carnic Alps and for a distance allows you to walk like tightrope walkers on the border between Italy and Austria.
I, Raphael and Lola have walked the path to ring in a warm and sunny autumn day surrounded by the changing nature where, thanks to the changing colors of the trees, we could easily distinguish the fir trees, the larch trees, the beech trees. But the ring of Mount Osternig is wonderful in every other season: in the summer to try a bit ‘of relief from the heat of the plains or in the winter with snowshoes.
The trail 507 of CAI stepper
Ugovizza follow the road that winds up the mountain by following the signs to the refuge F.lli Nordio-Deffar until you reach a small parking lot where you leave the car and continue on foot.
Walking along the road of stones in 20 minutes you get to the refuge F.lli Nordio-Deffar new rebuilt after the flood of 2003 which had made unsafe. If desired, after the first two bends in the road of stones Pioi divert to a forest path that leads to the refuge and that I advise you on hot summer days because most of the shady forest road.
Reached Nordio leave it on the left and continue along the path CAI 507: you do not abandon more. After a first stretch a bit ‘more sloping trail that winds through the woods softens.
The sun filters through the end of October the trunks and branches of the trees hitting hard those crowns already fiery colors of autumn. The morning dew evaporates in light clouds and the sound of a stream is the background to the song of a sparrow.
Almost suddenly the forest thins, leaving room for a large clearing. To anticipate a soft turf wildfire extends deep into the woods and a sign warns visitors the chance to meet cattle grazing.
From here there is nothing that hinders our look: you see the blue sky above us and the hills pratose altitude. This time of year the cows are already run down to the valley but if you go down the hiking in the summer surely find many!
The trail continues to the Sella Bistrizza, a group of huts which are located next to each other like a small village at high altitude. Here you can take a bit ‘of bald, admire the scenery around you and the view on the Austrian side that faces St. Stefan an der Gail in Carinthia.
From this crossroads wind various paths that run through Austrian land, among them is possible in about 1 hour walk to the summit of Mount Osternig climbing the marked trail on the left: to be up there on a clear day the view stretches as far as d ‘eyes to the mountains of Carinthia and those of Tarvisio.

From the saddle Bistrizza ring mount Osternig proceeds to the right following the path 507 on the ridge of the mountain. After a few curves you reach the church of Our Lady of the Snows, a peaceful and relaxing place that deserves a visit not just to catch his breath but more On to enjoy the view, the silence and the colors of nature. In front of the church there is an inviting picnic table if you carry a picnic lunch this is the perfect place to eat it.


(Enjoy my peace with my companion)

Here you are right on the border between Austria and Italy, as you can see from the stones on the ground that mark the boundary line: like a tightrope walker you can whip up a tightrope walk between the two nations and the bracing air of 1,750 mt. altitude caresses.
From here on, without even realizing you continue to walk along the border until you arrive at a crossroads: continue to the right that from here on the trail back to immerse themselves in the woods of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Monitor signals of white and red stones and trees and begin the descent to the starting point.
After half an hour plentiful trail ends coming out of a side street of stones along the bed of the stream takes you back to the parking lot where you started trekking.

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