Reviewing of mountain resorts in Italy


A word that encompasses a lot: a first place, a place to take shelter in dangerous situations, but also where you can find hospitality, warmth and hospitality.

The mountain lodges are created to give shelter to people who are just walking, hiking, skiing, places are usually woody, some are modern than others, but everyone has that rustic touch that seems so much mountain. They are places where you feel comfortable, warm, where you can shelter from the cold and snow raging outside, are places of conviviality.

And smell of good food, toasted sandwiches and cheese.

If you are near the Andalo and Molveno, are skiing on the slopes and you need a break or want to spend a night a bit ‘different it marks three nice places to “retreat” and discover the flavors of the Trentino cuisine.

Rifugio La Roda – Cima Paganella m. 2125

This hut is located high up on the top of Paganella and bustling of skiers and snowboarders make a stop for a sandwich or a euphonium.


Outside there is a small kiosk that makes sandwiches, but inside it is possible to make complete meals made from local produce and sometimes even zero km. By mega platters of cold cuts accompanied by pickles and vegetables in oil homemade with the first and main courses of meat or fish (yes, there are also plates of spaghetti with shrimp or oysters and champagne: find dishes based on fish to 2125 m of altitude it left me a bit ‘off limits).

Leaving aside the dishes based on fish would focus on the traditional polenta, cheese and mushrooms, meat stews, hot soups, salted meat “home made” … It is all made even better by the view of the mountains! In fact, if you can find a niche in the hall of the left that has many windows it can dine overlooking the landscape, enjoy the sun shining though the weather is nice or the snow falling on top of you of the weather is so-so.

Rifugio La Montanara – Pian di Tovre m. 1525

Rifugio La Montanara is located on the ski slopes and can be reached from Molveno via the chairlift Croz of the Most High. It ‘a very simple and rustic and is not only perfect for those who want to get a good meal, but also for those who want to stay in a different place, surrounded by nature and mountains, the sight of a beautiful starry sky. The fact Montanara also rents rooms for guests.

Typical dinner of course, with dishes based on typical regional products such as homemade gnocchi with blue potatoes Bleggio, local cheeses, polenta Storo and other goodies. Do not miss (but even here in all the other places mentioned here) the delicious platters of hors d’oeuvres of cold meats and cheeses.


In the evening you can reach La Montanara for dinner thanks to snowmobile refuge from Andalo that takes guests to groups of 10-12 to the hut along snowy roads in the woods.

Meriz refuge – Fai m. 1447

The refuge Meriz was so recently reopened after a renovation that has come up again. Spacious and bright, the warm color of wood that covers every surface warms the atmosphere, it can be reached by chairlift Fai.

At the entrance a large bar and a mezzanine floor, right and left two rooms, one for customers of the bar, the other for the customers of the restaurant, also equipped with a fireplace in front of which to stop for a drink.

The restaurant offers traditional dishes reviewed and reinterpreted by the chef. Obviously the ingredients are all local and as many as possible at zero distance.


Do not miss the desserts at the end, especially the delicious creme brulee.

Chalet FIAT – Monte Spinale m. 2104

In full style of Madonna Campiglio a retreat complete with a branded FIAT Panda tracked outside and merchandising on sale inside.

The restaurant is a mix of fashion and trendy (in fact called “chalet” mica “refuge” as the others): on the one hand the self service with many tables available to customers – especially skiers – make a break from the slopes lunch, on the other hand, a small private dining room where customers is much sought after, as well as the kitchen: they serve good food in an elegant atmosphere.


Do not miss the huge platters of hors d’oeuvres of cold meats, cheeses, trout and char, the vegetables in oil and mustard, but also pasta dishes and main courses of meat and polenta.

FIAT The chalet is easily reached with the cable car up to Monte Spinale to the center of Madonna di Campiglio.

Malga Montagnoli – Monte Spinale m. 1805

Montagnoli hut is located on the slopes of Madonna di Campiglio at the end of the ascent the gondola Silver Cloud starts from Campo Carlo Magno. Even here (as the Rifugio La Montanara Andalo) organize dinners with snow cat: the cat picks up clients at the parking of Campo Carlo Magno and leads them on, along the track, to the refuge.


The hut is very welcoming: in the bar area there is a beautiful central fireplace around which sit and drink a hot drink or a cocktail, while upstairs there is a restaurant with plenty of seating.

For dinner there are plenty of classic (and indispensable) starters, as well as pasta dishes (orzotti, spaetzle) and main courses of meat and polenta. Finally a super slice of strudel not take anyone off.

In all these places you eat well and the portions are never scarce, then your lunch or dinner could be quite challenging: just be careful not weigh you down too much in the case then you need to keep your day on the slopes!

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