Street food in Bari – Aroma permeated the aisle

I think of Puglia and I can  sun-dried tomatoes, orecchiette handmade, eggplant in oil and turnovers smoking.

But after combining these regional delicacies with the traditions of the old town of Bari Pugliese that the dining experience is complete, how to put a cherry on top.

Street food seems something modern or exotic, street food brings to mind the food truck in New York and the colorful markets of Thailand, but in reality there is nothing more appropriate association between street food and Bari, or rather, street food and Bari (talk about how we eat).


If you have read my visit to Bari slow aboard a rickshaw you will have caught the special atmosphere, you will have realized that in Bari Vecchia streets are the living rooms and the ladies cook outdoors by selling its delights passers.

The opportunities are endless for a snack, the only limit is the level of hunger and eventually the diet (which needless to say you will need to stop if you make a trip to Puglia because if you go in Puglia and you’re rushing headlong on the delights of local cuisine live experience in half).


I would live by bread and tomato, in all its innumerable forms of lust, and if you’re a true nationalist who research the colors of the Italian flag in the pot you may even begin to know Bari with a plate of orecchiette with tomato.

The ladies of Old Bari Events include outside the doors of the house where the banquet roll up the dough and fresh, with just a knife, give it the shape of ears and earlobes. Observe the work is hypnotic to look at them if you feel that their work is simple thing that you try it then we’ll talk! The ladies of orecchiette pasta produce in large quantities that leave to dry on the networks of iron and selling (in weight almost gold) to passing tourists.

Take home a bundle of ears is like to take home a piece of Puglia and season with fresh tomatoes and basil is the right way to complete this work of art.

Other street food with bread and tomato focaccia Bari. The find in the ovens and bakeries are located: the dough is covered with a layer of sliced ​​tomatoes which have the task of softening with their sauce the surface of the cake. I could eat a quintal.

But what we could not really ever give is the panzerotto (I am from a tomato and mozzarella) because if it is true that I am an honorary fellow of the bread and tomatoes are of the view that what is fried is better. And what could be more good fried bread stuffed with tomato and mozzarella? Anything. Stop.

The sgagliozze have something in my imagination of polentona Venetian clash a bit ‘in Bari since they are pieces of polenta that ladies fry on street corners and sell to passers-by for a few Euros. And I saw that I polenta not crazy what you can say is that the sgagliozze exist (I have seen with my own eyes), who have not tried them personally, but they have many admirers.

If you move from the street to the covered’re in a delicatessen like Antica Salumeria Nicola: this place reminds me of the old shops of the past which are now virtually disappeared from our cities to make room for supermarkets but in Bari Vecchia seem to resist ! In the delicatessen there is everything from pasta to coffee, but above all there are the bagels, products in oil (homemade), dairy products (from the nearest dairy). For tourists are the perfect place to buy some souvenirs culinary.

We end the street food experience with raw fish that before the arrival of sushi here was already trendy! Waterfront on the pier of St. Nicholas in the morning fishermen In developing a market with fish caught and you must buy fish to eat at the time as it is. I raw fish Apulian experience I made in another place of Apulia: Gallipoli where I got delight from clams, cockles, oysters and sea urchins served when seasoned with just a little ‘lemon.

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