I love to travel, especially when it comes to travel and touring where I organize everything myself and I’m not too firm in the same place. I like to explore, always discovering new things.

At the same time for about a year and a half in family arrived Lola, the little French Bulldog who filled our lives with smiles, crazy, screaming, barking, dog food, visits to the vet and so on and so forth.

Lola has also affected the way we travel, in part because, especially in the first year of life, we had to select destinations that could be suitable to her so as not to leave her at home alone or with strangers, in part to get used to traveling in turn.

The motor home was the solution he has “saved” our holidays with Lola and is also one of the demonstrations that you can travel with dogs.

And let’s face it you have ever tried to organize a holiday, maybe traveling – to make things a bit ‘more difficult – and find facilities pet friendly? It is not easy, then if we add that maybe you travel in high season it is even more complicated.

But we also that your vacation is not traveling and want starvene a week in a hotel room or apartment, but that your dog is medium-size or large: you will find that many of the structures that claim to not pet friendly I have that much with dogs that exceed 10 kg.

Advantages of traveling in a camper when you have a dog

Traveling by RV with the dog from my point of view has only benefits and I am not the only one to think so because every time we find ourselves in a camp or in a parking area we see tick by campers near many other dogs.

The motor home for the puppies is a certainty, a bit ‘as it is for us human is like bringing with them their home so their space, their own things. It is not a small thing I assure you.
Camper Lola knows where his bed, knows where his bowl is, we know where we sleep. I think it’s pretty important for a dog – no matter how used to being taken for a walk – to feel in a safe place, known and familiar.

Just for this travel in a motorhome gives me security not just, the tranquility of leaving my Lola alone without thinking, as if I were at home: if not we have dinner one night in a camper but we go to the restaurant, if in a half day of rain I venture out without her, if I have to leave a couple of Oretta to go to the supermarket. These are just some examples of occasions when I leave Lola alone in the camper and not replicherei if alloggiassimo in a hotel. Of course you always have a little ‘common sense then in hot weather, avoid leaving your dog in a camper parked in the sun, let the windows open and the bowl with water.

The campers thanks to its “family atmosphere” allows in general to enjoy your holiday with your dog with less stress and thoughts and gives the opportunity to educate the holiday. For example, if your pets to bark, to chew the furniture, to pee in places you do not know to “mark his territory” it would be a bit ‘risky think to take him to a hotel, apartment or B & B as it can be pet friendly.

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