The beaches and the crystal clear water of Lampedusa are perfect for getting caught up from the slumber of total relaxation vacation, but if you also like me you “earn” the sea walking to reach beaches less crowded and wild, here is the tour for you Lampedusa.
Lampedusa as little one also offers opportunities for hiking and walking, as the trek that leads from Casa Teresa Cala chick, and then, if desired, to the famous beach of Rabbits.
From Casa Teresa, old dammuso lampedusano
The hike starts from Casa Teresa, an ancient dammuso renovated in the middle of the island. We are in the extreme west of Lampedusa, where the buildings are scarce and barren and Mediterranean scrub is the master.
You can look closely at Casa Teresa, but only from the outside, then continue along the road of stones leading to a sign that marks the beginning of the path of Cala chick.
Hike in canyon
And ‘here that begins the canyon, a path that winds through a canyon, a rift between two rocky ridges that protect the explorer by gusts of wind and recreate a landscape that you would not expect to find in Lampedusa.
As soon as we enter the canyon we notice that the vegetation is different from the one made of small shrubs in the rest of the island: here we are to walk in the shade of the trees! One step at a time, being careful to rocks, shallow roots and small drops, we leave the shady spot: the vegetation becomes sparser and we see clearly the two ridges of the mountain above us left and right.
The blue sky and the sun accompany us faithfully and wind envelops us with the scents of wild fennel and caper growing in lush bushes along the trail.
The silence is wonderful and the very absence of extraneous sounds allows you to focus on their steps.
At this point you need to stop for a moment, I know that the desire to get to the sea is so great, but you have to know how to enjoy the journey and not just think about the goal! Look around and “live the moment”: feel the sun burns the skin, the wind tickles her, memorized the colors and smells and remember that peace and that perfect moment, bring that memory home and you can pick it out in times of need! (I do it all the time)
The beaches: Cala Chick
Continuing we realize that we make plan Cala chick is getting closer: the seagulls scream and draw circles and lines in the sky and the air smells of salt. The sea looks like a blue sapphire triangle emerges between the two sloping sides of the canyon, and the closer we get the more you zoom triangle and white pebble beach is no longer a mirage but you can touch with your hands.
The beach of Cala chick invites you to a little ‘rest and the sea in front, full of nuances, a bathroom. In the small bay of boats usually they are the perfect place to drop their anchors on the seabed and float on water casting their shadows.
After a cooling bath can continue the trek toward the beach of Rabbits: we tread the path that goes slightly to the left of the bay, and we arrive at a point quite exposed to tread carefully because overlooking the sea.
From here on, everything becomes easier and the view is crazy: it seems to be a long terrace overlooking the sea where the predominant color is blue, the right mix of water from the sea and the sky. At the end of the walkway appears in front of the Isle of Rabbits and a little more to the left the beach of the same name, one of the most beautiful in the world.
At this point only two certainties: the panorama will leave you breathless and you will love a little bit more of Lampedusa.
The beaches: the beach of Rabbits
Let’s sit on the edge of the rock and let his legs dangle over the blue sea, then continue along the path down to the beach: run up the white sand and throw yourself into the sea. Just be careful not to step on the area devoted to the spawning of turtles (yes, loggerhead turtles lay their eggs year after year here).
When you’ve had enough of the sea and sun, just walk the path uphill leading to the shuttle stop that riaccompagna downtown.
Useful Tips
The trek to Cala chick takes about half an hour, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the beach of Rabbits from Cala chick. The path is not difficult because Teresa Cala Cala chick is all downhill and there are no particular obstacles on the path if not protruding roots and rocks to which we must be careful. The stretch from the beach of Cala chick Rabbits instead is a bit ‘more challenging, mostly because there is a piece quite exposed to the sea.
Bring everything you might need: from the beach towel, sun cream, Parmesan sandwich from her aunt. Here nature is pure, there are sellers of ice cream or mineral water.
Equip yourself with a hat and water: the sun is hot, try to avoid sunburn. And wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or hiking boots.

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