They said that the Amiata is the space of the soul. I could not agree more see me, this is a place where you learn to listen to the silence and the mind travels in search of happiness, happiness that everyone has, but is often forgotten.
The weekend spent in this area has brought me a lightness and well-being that makes me fly again after a few days!
The Amiata is an ancient volcano that retains heat and power, is a mountain that evokes tranquility, silence and inner well-being.
When I left I had no idea of ​​the place that was waiting for me, I had never been over Lucca and ignored the existence of Mount Amiata.
Just arrived in Abbadia San Salvatore surprised me the temperature, just 4 ° C and cold air, an atmosphere decidedly mountain. Fortunately, my little head, I had to remember to bring with me the wool cap before leaving.
Guests at Hotel Fabbrini Abbadia San Salvatore, they welcomed the authorities and the local mayor. And ‘so we had a first introduction to the country, a city that enjoys a high mountain climate, without the mountain. Air, water, earth and fire are the elements that make up heart and soul of this area.
Here I have found that human dimension that today, unfortunately, more and more is being lost. The landscape, the rolling hills, the clear sky brought me a child, made me feel free, alive!
This feeling I tried to summit Mount Amiata. The joy and enthusiasm to try to go snowshoeing made me rediscover the thrill of being in contact with nature, walking in the woods of Faggetti accompanied by the stories and concepts of nature guide Michael, hear the sound caused by the creaking of snowshoes on snow … it was magic. The blanket of snow invites you to be quiet and to value all that surrounds us.
With snowshoes we walked on the slopes of the mountain through a beech forest, which is unique in the world given the influence of the sea which is just 40 km and with its presence mitigates climate favoring the creation of a particular landscape .
The path through the beech grove is called “Scalettaia”, traditionally Scouts of Grossetto undertake this journey on the occasion of the Cross to bring the Lady at the top.
Getting on top of the mountain, but I do mean the highest point, was a huge thrill. Enjoy the scenery on a clear day is breathtaking! They were moments of thoughtlessness only!
In addition to hiking with snowshoes on Mount Amiata it is also practiced skiing is a skier’s paradise Siena. The ideal destination for families with children who can find here a good value for money and learn the basics of skiing and walking with snowshoes.
After each excursion is respecting fundamental restore the energy, in Tuscany when it comes to food you should always be on the safe side, because eating and drinking are two essential aspects of life in these areas. The locals live in symbiosis with the land that is rich in resources, resources that these people have been able to cultivate, inheriting a legacy of secrets and knowledge, which from generation to generation, brought from farm to fork simple flavors, but the original but above all genuine and would add … divine!
We taste of the local cuisine we have appreciated the hotel Sella who has proposed local products such as the appetizer of prosciutto Cinta Senese – a native breed of pig that lives free in the hills – and the mushrooms, which, thanks to the peculiarities of the territory become the main dish in the soup in a bread crust. Eating soup in a loaf of bread made me come to mind memories of childhood when his grandmother dug to eat my bread crumb.
Then she could not miss the dessert? Ricciolina is drugs pastry amiatina. It ‘a cake made with pastry and chocolate, sublime!
Mount Amiata is not only nature and food, is also history and culture. The town of Abbadia San Salvatore, which is located at the foot of the mountain is a town rich in history, thanks to the presence of the St. Savior who has played a key role in the Christianization of the mountain.
Evening strolls along the streets of this medieval village is charming, it took me back in time, seemed to be screened in another era, where cars, chaos and confusion did not exist.
I imagined to be a lady of the time, who dressed in period costumes walking in the center to reach the workshop of her husband who was working the iron. The palaces, the houses still show the badges that identified the trades in the eaves of the shops of tempo.Esiste even a shop food as they used to be, it is nicknamed “the Marcellina”. Here the owner Marcella sells a lot of things, from objects for the home to the food … his shop is like the bag of Marry Poppins, there is everything. You can buy souvenirs sweet tooth, as the “chalk” small candy licorice or choose from the many grappas made with local flavors.
If you seek peace, quiet and the right mix of nature, history and good food of the Tuscan mountains Amiata could be a perfect solution, which can combine very well to a wider itinerary to the discovery of the Val d’Orcia.
With Tuscany Promotion and territory dell’Amiata for welcoming us and discover this corner of Italy during the blog tour “Mountain Tuscany”.

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