[ US Trip ] Some documents “Must have” for a trip to USA

In April, Raffaele and I have for the first time did our Atlantic crossing to the United States to New York.

As well as informing us about what we could see in the city, before leaving we had to organize ourselves to be in compliance with documents and anything else so as not to find ourselves in difficulty arrived at our destination: it is true that going to New York is not like going in ‘darkest Africa, but the fact remains that there is a certain rigidity – as it should be – and that you can not fall from the clouds with phrases like “but I did not know.” The risk is to be returned to the sender in the best case.

Here are some of the most important things to remember before leaving for a trip to New York or the US.


To travel to the US must have a valid passport.

The passports that are accepted in the US are normally those issued after October 26, 2005 or October 26, 2006, as they have microchip, readable or digital photos.

If you doubt that your passport will be valid for entry to the United States I recommend you check online (here the website of the State Police), or to go to the offices of the police station closest to inform.

If you do not have your passport rather get organized in time to let you drop: at our police station were pretty fast, but it is always said, so security can not be delayed too.

For a passport you can log on to the website of the relevant State Police to make an appointment that you will avoid queues in the offices.

The day of the appointment you must present with:

– 2 passport photos
– The printed form of the passport application
– identification document
– Receipt of the report paid € 42.50 (ask for the bulletin precompiled post office to get it right header and causal!)
– Stamp of € 73.50 that will be applied on the document to validate it and will apply until the expiry of the passport.


ESTA is the “Electronic System for Travel Authorization” that replaces the request of the classics and is valid visa if you travel to the US for business and / or tourism for a period less than 90 days. You will be released if your trip has these features and if you have already bought a return ticket.

If your trip does not have these features you need to apply for a visa of another type, but if like us you are going to New York or any other destination in the US for a vacation you’ll have to just do the ESTA.

ESTA is mandatory for travel to the US and you have to request it before leaving through the site.

The application procedure assumes you have a valid passport (so read the point above, for details of the case) and a credit card to pay the amount necessary to release.

On the site you will be asked for your personal data, passport data, and some specific questions with which you have to answer by choosing between YES or NO. Once the payment printed confirmation and bring it with you on the go: you will be required at the airport upon departure from Italy is that when you arrive in the United States.

Generally if you are not of the criminals and if you have successfully built the ESTA application will be valid immediately upon request.

Subsequently, the ESTA will be valid for two years from the time of release (so if you come back in the US in the next 2 years you will not have to reapply for the document or pay further).

Health insurance.

Do not you dare to leave for the United States without having entered into a separate travel health insurance.

We always hope that there nothing happens, but if it happens to be sick abroad there is facing a health system different from the Italian, and especially in the US – where to get treatment the Americans themselves have to spend pretty pennies – you may find yourself to pay accounts salty even for a visit, let alone have operating there for acute appendicitis.

So do not underestimate the health insurance. Make it a before starting: please contact your insurance trust or make an online (there are good to save you).

We personally chose the Columbus it for the price, which for the online comments we seemed the best. Among other things, the cost of insurance varies according to the services you want to include.

Thank goodness we had a great time during the whole trip and we did not need, but also knowing and not being able to go back I would do without!

Driving license.

We have not needed it since we did not rent car (God forbid also that the rental car to get around New York>. <), But if during your trip to the US plan to rent cars also have to be informed on the license.

In the United States you can drive just having the Italian driving license? Ni, it depends on the individual state.

So check what is the legislation on the state (or states) that you are going to cross, verification can be done at the site of the Italian Motor Vehicles, to ease you link the document here

If the laws of the State of reference require that you have an international driving license you can request it of Motor Vehicles office closest to you with the following documents:

The formular:
payment by invoice of € 9 + € 16
a stamp duty of € 16
two passport photos
photocopy of a valid Italian driving license
For more specific information please refer to the website of Motor Vehicles where everything is explained in detail.

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