[ USA TRIP ] NEW YORK – The FOOD’S TRUCK in Manhattan

Something that has stayed with me in Manhattan? Lunch breaks.

The moment when the swarm of employees falls by high skyscrapers of New York to take a well-deserved air time in the streets of the city looking for a quick lunch.

And often the quick lunch is in the food truck on the roads, the trucks that become food stall vendors.

When I talk about food truck I do not mean the sellers of hot dogs, which are still a very cheap for a quick lunch as well as a “typical” street food in New York that I was not exempted from trying, even several times. But it must be said that very often the level (and the cost) of what is served in the food truck of which I speak here is better than the hot dogs they do not know much of anything except ketchup and mustard.

The food truck combine the need for quick lunch of employees to the natural multi-ethnicity in New York resulting presence of cuisines from different tastes. Taking also happy tourists like me. 🙂

Already at home I spotted some site that listed the food truck in New York, then once in the city I got on their trail …

I say that I have been tracking because generally every day the food truck is positioned in a place, in a neighborhood or a different way of the city. And ‘possible to see where the site or by following the Twitter profile of the truck, or – as I did – following the site The roaming hunger (I mentioned it here) that indicates on the map all the food truck shown in real time a certain area.

One in particular I wanted to try: the Red Hook Lobster Pound, a food truck serving sandwiches lobster (and which has its headquarters in Red Hook, one of the boroughs of Brooklyn).

After much searching, at the intersection of W 50th Street and 5th Avenue, in a warm and sunny April day the truck was waiting, alongside many others, each of whom brought his specialty: Thai food, Chinese, specialties from Belgium or elsewhere in Europe and the world.

I immediately slingshots lobsters: the price I was disoriented for a moment (16 $ a sandwich) but I changed my mind! A sandwich with lobster topped with lemon for me and one of lobster butter for Raffa … I do not want to listen any vegetarian, but I swear it was his death!

We wanted to do an encore but we opted for a fried (light) to the truck of Belgian specialties next door (though with hindsight it was better to spend an additional $ 16 each for another one of those sandwiches pink!).

Apart from my obvious love (found at that time) for lobsters and which I hope will lead sooner or later to Maine to taste in spades, from food truck there are so galore: those who sell sundae to those skilled in the kitchen Mexican, Greek, South East Asia … I am sorry to have tested so few, and I hope one day to make a trip to the theme in New York whose aim will be to try and review all these food truck. ?

Of course, the appeal of these eateries for practical reasons is much greater during hot or warm (I challenge you to enjoy your TV with 0 ° C and the wind cuts her face sitting at a bench).

You say, you’ve never had lunch at a food truck in New York? If so I definitely want to know what the vote and that dates to the food! ?

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