[ USA TRIP ] There’s a “romantic” of New York (Photographic)

From amateur and lover of architecture I can confirm that there are numerous cities and places to visit and photograph having at least once in life, but as a child I always dreamed of being able to delve between the streets and avenues of the Big Apple: New York .

Admittedly, through the big screen, but also thanks to the serial broadcast on the small screen, everyone has already seen and reviewed the most famous icons of New York, but after being there I can confirm that observe them closely and be part though almost of context it is really a strong emotion and alienating at the same time.

In this small gallery I will reclaim some of the classic photos I took in New York.

I made a small selection by entering: Guggenheim, Statue of Liberty, view from the Top of The Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Flat Iron Building, Memorial September 11 and some photos of typical elements Yorkers as fire ladders, taxi and road signs (these are my constant, always a picture of them for some reason ?!) ..

Choose 14 photos from an archive of 1300 has not been easy, but what would you select?

Tip for amateur photographers:

Before leaving for New York, I read and reread specialized blogs that explained what was the best camera equipment to carry. In retrospect I can confirm that a wide angle and a good tripod can not miss in your backpack!

Consider also the possibility of buying directly to New York some article photo that you are missing in the kit as there prices are much lower than the Italians: Adorama and B & H are among the best-stocked shops Yorkers of photography in the world!

Photo New York-14
If the photos you like at least a little ‘I assure you see live these places will move you even more! And then maybe you scoverete many other interesting places from which to photograph subjects and curious to capture that I have not included here (but I could offer in a future post photo!).

Let me know when you decide to go!





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